Can African Dwarf Frogs Go Without Food? How Long?

How Long Can African Dwarf Frogs Go Without Food

How long can African dwarf frogs go without eating? The answer to this question is very important to frog keepers, especially African dwarf frog keepers, because who knows when you will have to travel. It’s reassuring and cool traveling for a short period knowing fully well that your frogs are okay till you come back and continue feeding them. So, this is a question every frog keeper should ask and know because the life of your pet frogs might depend on it.

how long can African dwarf frogs go without food? African dwarf frogs can go for 8 days to 2 weeks without food, and will still be okay.

Generally, frogs could last longer on empty stomach than many animals out there.

Measuring how long African dwarf frogs could go without feeding hugely depends on the overall health of the frog and how it is being fed previously.

The fact is, once your frog is very okay on food previously, it will be very healthy and won’t just starve very easily and so, could last longer without food when you travel or on vacation.

If previously, your African dwarf frogs have not been feeding very well, then they won’t take long before they start starving and getting malnutrition.

Although there is a great option to feed your frogs and other aquarium animals even when you travel on vacation etc, the great option is getting an automatic feeder for your pets.

This feeder will be feeding them till the scheduled time you come back so, your frogs won’t have to starve or die.

How long can African dwarf frogs go without food?

How Often Should I Feed African Dwarf Frogs?

Knowing how long this frog should stay without feeding, you might also want to know how often it should be fed.

How often should I feed African dwarf frogs? Many frog keepers feed their African dwarf frogs once a day, and some feed theirs once in two days.

African dwarf frogs don’t easily starve, for the fact they are being fed properly.

So, feeding them once in 2 days is great and it works for many aquarists, and feeding daily is also cool.

The only problem some frog keepers get while feeding their African dwarf frogs daily is the wastage of food.

They normally leave so many foods to waste and spoil in the tank.

This happens more when there is no other tank mate in the tank that could pick those leftover foods from the frogs.

So, if you ask me how many times I recommend feeding African dwarf frogs, well, since they don’t easily get hungry and could last for weeks before starving, feeding them once a day is great.

This is to minimize the cost of food and also to prevent the water from getting dirty very quickly due to leftover food.

How Do You Feed African Dwarf Frogs When On Vacation?

Pets could be a very big hindrance for us when going on a vacation or holiday, especially aquatic pets like fish, frogs, etc.

The question is, how do you plan to feed them when going on a vacation, knowing fully well that you can’t be carrying fish or frog tanks everywhere you go.

The good news is, that you have nothing to worry about, as you can still feed your pets even when on vacation by buying an automatic feeder.

The Automatic feeder will be feeding them in their tank with the foods you store in it until you come back.

So, this is a great machine that helps with feeding your aquarium animals, even when you are not around, thereby making your animals be okay whether you are around or not.