Can Guppy Fish And Crayfish Share A Tank?

Can Guppy Fish And Crayfish Share A Tank

Guppies are very lively, colorful and peaceful fish to keep in an aquarium, infact they are so lovely and beautiful to keep. If you are a crustacean lover, you might be interested to know if crayfish could make a great tank mate with them.

Can Guppies and crayfish live together? Guppies and crayfish are not good tank mates. Crayfish can hunt and eat them.

They are not good mates and can’t be in the same aquarium.

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This is due to the fact that Guppies are gentle and colorful fishes, but on the other hand, crayfish is a very aggressive and troublesome animal who loves to hunt and eat anything it could be able to kill, and guppy is a topical example of things crayfish could kill and eat.

Although, unlike goldfish and Angelfish, guppies are surface dwellers and not bottom dwellers, this is what makes it very hard for a crayfish to get them, because crayfish are bottom dwellers.

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If you ask me if I recommend having these too animals in the same aquarium, my answer will be no!.

Although many people do keep both of them in the same aquarium, ( I mean big tank) well, it is risky and should not be attempted by you if you love your Guppies.

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Despite how big an aquarium might be, and again despite guppies being surface dwellers, crayfish will eventually get them, they might not necessarily go to the surface to get them, but at the bottom of the aquarium when they sleep, when they reproduce, when they fall sick etc.

I have seen guppies in crayfish aquariums, the owners often tell me that the they and the guppies are living peacefully.

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To be honest, I really doubt it because keeping both of them in the same aquarium is an impending catastrophe that will happen someday.

The fact is, I can never try that!.

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Although they might seem to be living peacefully for sometime due to the fact that guppies doesn’t like going to the bottom, unless on a special occasion, and crayfish itself doesn’t normally go to the surface, so with these their different characters, they could hardly get to each other’s way, and the crayfish could hardly reach to them, even to talk of hunting them.

But ask yourself this, ‘ will they continue like this for how long?

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Guppy fish could stay in a cray tank for a very short period, but keeping them long there or permanently is what i won’t try and won’t even advise even my foe to do.


Both aquatic animals are not good tank mates and can’t live together, or at least for long.

Give them separate tanks to avoid loosing your Guppies.

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This is just advise, you can do what you feel is right anyway!.