Can Crayfish And Angel Fish Share A Tank?

Can Crayfish And Angel Fish Share A Tank

Are you thinking of adding a lobster in your angel fish tank? or are you thinking of adding angel fish in your crayfish tank?, but you are confused because you are wondering if both creatures could be compatible with each other in one tank? well, this article is for you.

Can crayfish and angelfish live together? No, crayfish is an aggressive hunter and will kill your angelfish.

We all know how beautiful it can be to have an aquarium mixed up with different kinds of animals such as lobsters, fishes, snails etc, but the question is, can angelfish be compatible with crayfish in an aquarium?.

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Well, they are not compatible and can’t be kept in one tank or aquarium.

Here are some reasons they can’t live together in an aquarium.

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: Both crayfish and angelfish are bottom dwellers, and it is very dangerous to put them in one tank.

We all know that crayfish are good hunters and very aggressive, they stay at the bottom of an aquarium, so do angelfish stay at the bottom too.

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Angelfish does not like to dwell on the surface, and so they even sleep at the bottom, so it is not advisable to have both creatures in one aquarium, as the great Hunter ( crayfish) will definitely go for them.

: Crayfish can be very fierce and aggressive when it meets other creatures, especially smaller creatures.

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Like I said, they are good at hunting and are troublesome when kept with other animals such as angelfish, goldfish etc that lives at the bottom, they will make troubles consistently with them and many times will kill them.

Although Angel fish are far faster than crayfish in swimming, but crayfish will definitely get them.

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Because they all stay at the bottom.

No matter how big the aquarium is, they will get your angelfish.

Crayfish will trouble it till it becomes very weak and die.

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You might be thinking ‘how in the world will a small creature like crayfish kill an angelfish?’ well, crayfish do pinch them with their claws at any slightest chance they get, this will wound, weaken and even make the fish to be sick and might eventually die if they are not removed and treated.

Crayfish will definitely eat your angelfish, no matter how large your aquarium is.

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Like I explained, crayfish are good at hunting, especially on animals they could kill and eat.

They don’t just hunt for hunting sake, they hunt for food, and angelfish is one of their foods.

Once they are placed in one aquarium with Angelfish, the crayfish will automatically see them as potential food and will make every effort to to have them as meal.

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So from time to time, they will go for the fish and pinch them with their sharp Claws, especially when the fish is asleep, doing this consistently will wound, weaken and eventually kill the Angelfish.

When they are dead, then the crays will now feast on them.

If you dare try to rear these two incompatible creatures in one aquarium as pets, then be prepared to see your fish dead or missing.

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: Apart from crayfish hurting your angelfish, it might be the other way round, as the fish might kill the crayfish if they are small.

Fish are known to eat anything that gets in their way and fits in their mouth, so if you put a small or juvenile crayfish in the same aquarium with Angelfish, they might eat the small crayfish, but when they grow, they will eat the fish.

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So they are not in anyway a good tank mate, as they will definitely hurt each other no matter what!.

Don’t be tricked into believing that big aquarium might solve this problem, well, it is not true!, even if you put them on 200 liters aquarium or 10 feet long aquarium, the crayfish will always go for them and will definitely get them, so they ain’t good tank mates in anyway!.