Can Endlers Live In Cold Water?

Can Endlers live in cold water?

Every living thing has its unique characteristics, including fish. If you are reading this article, it means you might be seeking to know if Endlers could live in cold water or not. Endler Guppies are south American fish that lives in tropical water bodies and they are freshwater dwellers and livebearing fish too. In this article, you will learn all about Endler water types and how to maintain a suitable temperature for them.

Can Endlers live in cold water? Endler fish are tropical fish. They are naturally found in tropical environments and can not live in cold water.

As a fish keeper, one of the most important things for you is to find out the type of water where your fish will thrive and provide it for them. Although surprisingly, many people don’t care and it will affect their fish.

Every fish have their preferred natural habitat and when such is not provided for them, it might lead to many problems, including deaths.

Endler Guppies being warm water dwellers will naturally thrive and live happier and healthy in such water conditions than in cold water conditions.

So, Endler fish can live in cold water for a while but they won’t be healthy and they are very likely to die at any time because they don’t naturally dwell in cold water, but in warm water, so they can’t live in cold water or they will die.

Endler fish could only dwell in a water temperature of 68-82°F, and any temperature below this could be harmful to their health, that’s why we always recommend getting a heater for any kind of Guppy fish, including Endlers.

Do Endler Fish Need A Heater?

Endler Guppies are tropical fish that only thrives in warm water with an ideal water temperature of 68-80°F, So they need a heater to keep their water temperature suitable for them.

When it comes to keeping fish in the aquarium, Endlers and Guppy fish, in general, cannot be kept without having a heater in place, unless the room temperature is very normal for them, but upon that, it is still recommended to have a heater in place.

They will become unhealthy and might even die if their ideal water temperature is not provided for them, so get a heater from any online store and keep it for them according to the size of their tanks.

If you are confused about the suitable heater for your tank size, then check below.

Suitable Heater For Different Tank Sizes

5 Gallons – 25 Watts Heater.

10 Gallons – 50 Watts Heater.

20 Gallons – 100 Watts Heater.

25 Gallons – 125 Watts Heater.

40 Gallons – 200 Watts Heater.

50 Gallons- 250 Watts Heater.

65 Gallons – 300 Watts Heater, etc.

So, Endler guppies and Guppies, in general, do need a heater in order to thrive and live happily.

Can You Keep Guppies Without A Heater?

Guppies could be kept without a heater only if the room temperature is suitable for them.

Yes, you can keep any type of Guppy fish without a heater, but as I stated above, it is not advisable, as the temperature might fluctuate sometimes, which could be very unhealthy for your fish, so get them a heater.


All fish have their ideal temperature, so find out the temperature of your fish and replicate it in their tank, but as for Guppies, they are tropical fish and do require a heater to maintain their ideal temperature.