Can Royal Gramma Live With Clownfish?

Can Royal Gramma Live With Clownfish?

Having different fish in a fish tank and seeing them move about and exhibit their different behaviors is a thing of great joy and entertainment. If you are a fan of saltwater fish and reef tanks, then you may have thought about keeping saltwater fish like Royal Gramma and Clownfish together. These are two beautiful and colorful fish that will keep your aquarium very lively and will entertain you with their behaviors, but the question here is, can they live together?. If you want to learn more about them living together, then read this article to the end.

Can Royal Gramma live with Clownfish? Yes, they are very compatible and do tolerate each other a lot.

If you are looking for compatible fish to keep in your saltwater tank, then these two are excellent combinations because they are everything you might be looking for in fish.

They are very colorful and beautiful, especially Royal Gramma and they have some funny behaviors that could keep you occupied and might take much of your leisure time.

These two are not only very active, even though Royal Gramma do hide sometimes, but they are also nice community fish as they don’t normally have time to disturb other fish.

Before we go further, let us look at the ideal water parameters and temperament of both fish.

Clownfish Water Parameters

Ideal Water Temperature 75°F – 80°F.

pH 8.0 – 8.4.

Salinity 1.020 – 1.024.

Temperament- Peaceful.

Royal Gramma Water Parameters

Can Royal Gramma Live With Clownfish?

Ideal Water Temperature 72°F – 80°F.

pH 8.2 – 8.4.

Salinity 1.020 – 1.025.

Temperament – Peaceful.

If you check the water parameters and the temperament of the two fish above, you will discover that they are almost the same, meaning that they could comfortably live in the same environment without having any issues.

Both fish are a perfect match for each other and to keep them very comfortable and happy, get up to a 75-gallon tank and put in place a heater, filter, and hiding places such as caves, live plants, etc.

Although both are Peaceful, sometimes Royal Gramma could chase other fish all over the tank and may nip at their fins, but they only behave this way when they see new fish in their tank and will leave them alone after a few hours or a day.

This particular behavior of theirs is the reason why they should be added later and not first.

Again the Royal Gramma will sometimes hide for a long time, maybe a week or few days, especially if they are new in a tank and they will be alright and will begin their normal activities.

Apart from these little issues, Royal Gramma has no problem and once they overcome these which they will in a matter of days or hours or week, they will become a full pal to your clownfish and your tank will become interesting.

So, if you are interested in keeping both in your tank, then go ahead and do it and you won’t have an issue with them being together.

What Can Live With Royal Gramma?

If you are looking for other compatible saltwater fish to keep with Royal Gramma, then they are:





Blue-Green Chromis.

What Lives Well With Clownfish?

Some of the fish that are very compatible with clownfish apart from Royal Gramma are:












Royal Gramma and Clownfish can live together because they are very compatible with each other.

You just need to provide them all they need to be comfortable and they will live very happily and will also be full of activities and surprises.