Can Seahorses Live With Turtles?

Can Seahorses Live With Turtles

Can Seahorses and Turtles live together? If you are a great fan of Turtles and Seahorses, you might be thinking if it is possible to keep both of them in the same aquarium and take care of them as Pets. Read this article to the end, as it will answer your question.

Can Seahorses live with Turtles? No, Seahorses living with turtles is strictly forbidden because turtles feed on Seahorses.

Although there are many types and species of turtles, all the same, non is recommended to be kept with Seahorses because they are their natural predators.

Nevertheless, some species of Turtles share many things in common with some species of seahorses such as having the same or almost the same water parameters and staying in the same type of water, but the only reason why they can’t be kept together in a tank is that turtles will kill and eat them.

Apart from feeding on them, Turtles might be slow on land, but they are very fast on water, so the Turtles will grab their food and starve them.

Even if you decide to divide the tank and separate both animals, the Seahorses will still be at a great disadvantage because they are fragile and requires proper care, so, any slight change in water parameters, be it pH, temperature, etc will hurt them more.

Again Turtles will stress them to death even if they don’t eat them, which is not even possible, no matter the size of the Seahorses.

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Can Seahorses Live in an Aquarium with a Red-Eared slider Turtle?

No, Turtles do prey on Seahorses.

No specie of Turtle, not even the red-eared turtles because will prey upon Seahorses at any slightest chance they get.


In every indication, turtles and Seahorses are not compatible and will never be kept together, not even in a large aquarium.