Clownfish Tank Sizes ( tank size for 2 clownfish)

Clownfish Tank Sizes

Clownfish is a lovely and funny little fish. They are small because some could only get to the size of 3 inches or a bit more and the specie like the maroon could grow far more than that. Although they are considered small, but in reality, they need a bigger tank space in order to thrive and live very healthy. I have often read questions about the suitable tank size of 2 clownfish and also the suitable tank size of a clownfish etc. So in this article, I will discuss about the tank sizes of this fish etc.

What is the tank size for 2 clownfish? 2 clownfish will need nothing less than a 40 gallon tank to be very comfortable and healthy.

Like I mentioned above, when it comes to size, this fish is considered small, except for it’s specie like the maroon which needs up to 40 gallon tank per fish.

So you might begin to wonder how manage a small fish like that will need such a huge tank space.

Well, all I can say is, it’s their nature to live in a large environment in order to develop to the fullest and live comfortably and healthy too.

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So if you are planning to buy 2 clownfish and keep them in a tank, then the appropriate tank size is 40 gallon for the 2 fish.

Although they could be able to stay in a smaller tank size when they are still at their infant stage, but as they grow, they will need more bigger tank.

Let me ask you ” What is the need of getting a tiny tank and later start buying another bigger tank in order for it to comfortably house your fish? why not buy the suitable tank size that will house them on the long run and even allow them to thrive on the long run too?.

So if you get a smaller thank, then you must definitely upgrade to a more bigger tank or risk killing your fish pets.

How Many Gallons Does a Clownfish Need?

Although clownfish are small fish, some species could be classified as medium size fish anyway. So if you want to know the tank size of a clownfish, then you will get the answer in a second.

How many gallons does clownfish need? For a clownfish to thrive, it will need a 20 gallon tank. A specie like maroon clownfish do need up to 40 gallon tank to thrive.

This fish, just like every other aquatic animals, including land animals needs alot of space to live comfortably and be okay.

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So a clownfish might be small in size, but it still need enough space to develop to the fullest.

So the minimum tank size each of this fish needs to be okay is 20 gallon tank and some need 40 gallon per fish, so if you plan to keep this type of fish, then know the specie you want to have and plan ahead of time, in order to give them exactly what they need for them to be totally healthy.

Can You Have 1 Clownfish?

If you only want to keep one clownfish, maybe that’s what your budget could stand, you might be thinking if they could live only by themselves. Don’t worry, all your questions will be answered in this article.

Can you have 1 Clownfish? Yes, a clownfish can live all alone and still be very comfortable in a tank for the fact it have all it needs.

Although they could live in groups and love doing so, but they could live individually on their own and still be happy too, for the fact they don’t lack all they need to be happy.

But if you ask me, I won’t recommend keeping only one clownfish all on it’s own year after year.

That’s very boring.

Personally, I find it far more interesting watching a group of this fish swim around than to have only one boring fish.

Anyway, it’s just a personal opinion, you know what you love most, so keep to it.

Can I Keep 3 Clownfish Together?

Although clownfish could live both alone and in groups, but due to their behaviors, sometimes you might be wondering if they actually tolerate each other that much. I often read questions asking if 3 clownfish could actually live together.

Can I keep 3 clownfish together? Yes, 3 clownfish of the same specie and size can live together and very peacefully.

This particular question comes up so often because clownfish have one funny character, they tend to bully other smaller ones among them and might even kill and eat them, not minding they are of the same specie.

So if you want to keep more than 2, let’s say like 3 or more in the same tank, it’s very important to get the same specie that are of the same size and keep them in all at once in the tank, because they might be aggressive to any fish you add later in their tank.

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So yes, 3 clownfish can comfortably live together in the same tank, but you should know that they will need up to a 60 gallon tank inorder to live comfortably.

Can I Keep 2 Clownfish in a 5 Gallon Tank?

Maybe you have seen where 2 of this fish are being kept in a 5 gallon tank, maybe at pet shop, and you are thinking if it’s actually possible to keep 2 of this fish in such a tank.

Can I keep 2 clownfish in a 5 gallon tank? No, 5 gallon tank is too small for a single matured clownfish even to talk of keeping 2 clownfish in it.

Like I explained above, a single adult clownfish needs nothing less than 20 gallon tank, and some species need up to 40 gallon.

So you can’t possibly keep such a fish in a tiny 5 gallon tank, even to think of keeping 2 in it, or you will kill them, as they won’t be comfortable in such a tiny space.

So 2 adult clownfish will require a 40 gallon tank to be comfortable, unless you want to keep 2 infant clownfish in such a tiny tank like 5 gallon, then that’s understandable because you will definitely need to upgrade once they start growing.

So you can’t possibly keep 2 clownfish in a 5 gallon tank and expect everything to be alright.

Can You Keep 2 Clownfish In A 10 Gallon Tank?

A 10 gallon tank is like an average tank size for so many aquarium animals. If you are probably thinking if you can have 2 clownfish in a 10 gallon tank, then your question will be answered in a second.

Can you keep 2 clownfish in a 10 gallon tank? No, You can’t possibly keep 2 adult clownfish in a 10 gallon tank as only one clownfish needs up to 20 gallon to thrive.

This is to say that you can’t even keep a single matured clownfish in a 10 gallon tank even to talk of keeping 2 of them in such a tiny tank.

If you you want to house 2 infant clownfish in such a tank, then that’s very understandable as you can do that and upgrade when they start growing, but as for a full grown clownfish, it’s not proper even to talk of 2.

To answer you question, you can’t possibly have 2 clownfish in a tiny tank like the 10 gallon tank.

Can Clownfish Live In A 15 Gallon Tank?

Clownfish are aggressive and space occupiers. There is every possibility that you might have seen where a clownfish is being kept in a 15 gallon tank in pets shops etc and you are thinking if you could also do the same.

Can Clownfish live in a 15 gallon tank? No, a clownfish can only be comfortable in a 20 gallon tank. Although it might live in a 15 gallon tank, but it won’t be totally okay with it and might not be as healthy and lively as it should be.

Again it will totally depend on the size and age of the fish involved, as you can comfortably house juvenile clownfish in such tank and even more than one.

So you can actually house a clownfish in a 15 gallon tank, but it must not be a matured fish.

How Many Clownfish Should Be In A 10 Gallon Tank?

Although 10 gallon tank is very small, but if you only have it and want to know how many clownfish you can be able to keep in it, then we might help you here.

How many clownfish in a 10 gallon tank? You can be able to keep 2-3 baby clownfish in a 10 tank and upgrade when they start growing bigger.

Although this type of fish needs a bigger tank than the small 10 gallon, but if you have a 10 gallon, it’s still useful as you can use it to house baby clownfish untill they start adding in size.

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So 2-3 baby clownfish could be kept in a 10 gallon tank temporarily.

How Many Clownfish Should Be In A 30 Gallon Tank?

A 30 tank is of a good size to keep this fish and so if you have it or you are planning to buy it, then here is how many of this fish you can keep in it.

How many clownfish in a 30 gallon tank? A 30 gallon tank can only contain 1 clownfish and some other smaller and suitable tank mates.

Although a 30 gallon tank is very suitable for so many aquarium creatures, especially the smaller creatures, but when it comes to fish, some fish can not even be comfortable in such a tank.

So If you have a 30 gallon and you feel like to use it for clownfish, then you can only succeed in keeping 1 fish in it, unless you want to keep baby clownfish in it, then you can keep up to 6-8 of them, knowing you must definitely upgrade as time goes.

How Many Clownfish Should Be In A 40 Gallon Tank?

If you have a 40 gallon tank or you want to have it, for clownfish, then you might want to know the number of this fish you can keep in it.

How many Clownfish in a 40 gallon tank? With a 40 gallon tank, you can be able to comfortably keep 2 clownfish in it.

A 40 gallon is like the average tank size for many fish and smaller animals due to the fact it could contain many of them.

But when it comes to keeping an aggressive and territory occupying fish like the clownfish, then 40 gallon will become small because it can’t keep many of them.

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So if you want to keep 2 of this fish, then a 40 gallon is perfect for it.


Like I always say, our pets are our friends, so they need to be very comfortable as we are, so don’t deny that to them.

Keep them in a comfortable tank and take proper care of then because that’s just the essence of this article, to enlighten you more.