Oscar Fish Tank Sizes ( how many Oscar fish can you keep in a 125 gallon tank?)

Oscar Fish Tank Sizes

If you are a fan of Oscar fish, then you will learn more about them in this article, especially their suitable tank sizes. Oscar is quite big in size, although not all but many of them and could grow up to 20 inches in a normal conditions. They are lone fish and could only pair up in just a few numbers because they’re very aggressive to each other and very territorial too. So if you’re interested in keeping Oscar and you want to know how many you could keep per specific tank size, then this article is definitely for you.

how many Oscars can you keep in a 125 gallon tank? With a 125 gallon tank, you can only keep 2 Oscars in it.

You might be surprised and will be wondering, how in the world could you be able to keep only 2 fish in such a big tank.

Well, every animal is different and have their specific requirements.

For an Oscar fish, you need up to 55-75 gallon tank to comfortably house it.

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This is a huge tank size that could contain many other fish, but 1 Oscar will comfortably occupy it alone.

They need such huge tank size mainly because they are large in size, they are very aggressive too and also they are dirty eaters and will always dirty their tank.

So a fish with all these characteristics should need a bigger space in order to still feel comfortable and okay.

So if you only have 125 gallon tank and you are thinking you could house many of this fish in it, then am sorry to disappoint you because you can only keep 2 Oscars in it.

To be honest, 125 gallon is just the minimum tank size for 2 Oscars.

If you ask me, I won’t recommend keeping them in anything less than 150 gallon.

Although the perfect and generally recommended size for a pair of Oscar is 175-180 gallon tank.

Although the tank size you can keep them greatly depends on their size and also the amount of things like substrates, plants and caves you want to keep for them, as those things will take their own space and they are very necessary too, so if you can afford a 180 gallon tank, then it will be very perfect for a pair of Oscar fish.

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So the minimum tank size for 2 Oscars is 120-125 gallon, depending on the fish sizes.

What Tank Size Do I Need For 3 Oscars?

If you want to have like 3 Oscars, then it will get a little bit more expensive here, as you need to get a bigger tank for them in order to curb their aggression.

What tank size do I need for 3 Oscars? For 3 Oscars to be comfortable and peaceful in a single tank you need to keep them in a 225-230 gallon tank.

As we know, Oscar are one of the most intolerant fish ever and will always fight among themselves.

So when keeping about 3 of them, ( if they could possibly tolerate each other) then you need up to 225 gallon tank to contain them all.

The fact is, they don’t easily get along with each other, so before you even put the 3 of them in such a large tank, first of all try to find out if they could get along or keep 2 females and 1 male ( that’s if you could be able to differentiate their sexes)

If you keep more females and less male, then they won’t be very aggressive to each other as such.

So to keep 3 of them even if the tank is 500 gallon, I won’t still advise keeping more males than females because they will still fight, although bigger tank space will still go a long way to limit their level of aggression.

So don’t listen to anybody or any article advising you to keep 3 of such aggressive and big fish in just 125, 75 or even 180 or a bit more because you will be very disappointed on the long run.

Can I Keep An Oscar In A 55 Gallon Tank?

As you must have learned above in this article, Oscar fish requires a big tank in order to thrive, so if you could only afford a 55 gallon tank or you already have and you want to keep an Oscar fish in it, you maybe thinking if it possible to keep this fish in such a tank

Can I keep an Oscar in a 55 gallon tank? Yes, 55 gallon tank is the minimum tank size you can be able to keep a single Oscar fish.

Judging by their size and their characteristics, they could only be comfortable in a 55 gallon tank and above.

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Tank size matters alot to aquarium animals, so every animal has it’s required tank space, so try to keep to it when you have that particular animal.

So you can actually keep only one of this fish in a 55 gallon tank as it’s the minimum tank size for this type of fish.

Again they hardly live in groups, so if you happen to have such a tank, or you want to to keep only one of this fish, then go for a 55 gallon or 75 gallon if you can.

This is because a 75 gallon tank can comfortably contain any size of Oscar, including some of it’s tank requirements like substrates, plants, caves etc.

Can I Keep 2 Oscars In A 75 Gallon Tank?

A 75 gallon is like the minimum tank size for this type of fish. So how many of this fish could be kept in such a tank space?

Can I keep 2 Oscars in a 75 gallon tank? No, 75 gallon tank could only contain 1 Oscar fish and can’t contain 2. 75 gallon is too small as 2 Oscars can only live comfortably in a 125 gallon tank and above.

If it’s about keeping 2 or more baby Oscars in a 75 gallon, then you can possibly do that, having in mind that you will need to get more bigger tank when they start growing.

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But a 75 gallon can’t possibly contain 2 aggressive fish like the Oscar because they will often get on each other’s way and territory and again they won’t be very healthy in such a small space.

So you can’t simply keep 2 Oscars in a 75 gallon tank.

How Many Oscars Can A 60 Gallon Tank Hold?

A 60 gallon tank is the minimum tank size for one Oscar fish and so can only be able to contain only one Oscar fish.

If you want to keep a single Oscar, as they can be kept all alone, then a 60 gallon is okay, as it will be okay being alone in a 60 gallon.