Do Butterflyfish Eat Hermit Crabs?

Can Butterflyfish eat Hermit Crabs?

Butterflyfish are beautiful and colorful saltwater fish. The vast majority of them are peaceful, that’s why they could be able to live with many tank mates, but the question is, can they be kept with smaller aquatic animals such as crabs, shrimps, etc. I suggest you read to the end to understand more about this topic.

Do Butterflyfish eat Hermit Crab?

Do Butterflyfish eat Hermit Crabs? Butterflyfish are omnivores and could eat crustaceans such as hermit crabs, and shrimps.

All fish are omnivores and scavengers too because they could eat almost anything eatable and also anything that could fit in their mouths.

Despite that all fish are omnivores, some are more carnivores than herbivores and some are more herbivores than carnivores.

For instance, those fish that eat more vegetables and plants such as algae, leaves, etc are more herbivores than carnivores because being able to eat vegetables and plants doesn’t stop them from eating meat, this goes for those that are more carnivores than herbivores too.

What am trying to point out is, that no matter how peaceful a fish is, it is still an omnivore animal and will eat meat when the opportunity arrives.

Butterflyfish will eat hermit crabs and every other crustacean, including other smaller animals like snails, insects, worms, etc when the opportunity presents itself.

These fish might seem to be compatible with Hermit Crabs because Hermit Crabs are very fond of living or hiding in other animal’s shells and the fish can’t easily get them and won’t bother them.

So, if you ask me, they could live for a while without the fish harming the crab, but it is a dangerous choice to make because an opportunity may present itself and the Crab might be eaten.

The fact is, many people believed that Butterflyfish could live with smaller aquatic animals like snails, crustaceans, and the rest, but the truth is, they may tolerate them for a long time, but being omnivores animal, those smaller animals could be in danger anytime.

What Do Pearlscale Butterflyfish Eat?

Just like all fish, Pearlscale Butterflyfish are omnivores and will eat both meat and vegetables.

This is to say they will eat anything other fish eat such as Snails, Prawns, Crabs, Shrimps, Copepods, Carrots, Watermelon, Pellets, Flakes, Vegetables, Worms, etc.


Butterflyfish will eat any crustacean and other smaller animals if they have the opportunity.

No matter what, it is very dangerous to keep smaller animals with any fish because they could be eaten at any time.