What Do Turbo Snails Eat?

What do Turbo Snails eat?

Turbo Snails are very useful Snails for many hobbyists because of their great tank cleaning ability and their beautiful colors.

They are sometimes used to beautify tanks and to supplement other animals in both freshwater and brackish water aquarium because they could tolerate both water types.

They are not asexual, as they have male and female, which is not easily identifiable and could grow up to 7 inches in size if everything goes well with them. Although they have a high mortality rate because they’re very sensitive to little changes and could last up to 15 years if well taken care of.

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Taking care of these Snails could be complicated if you are a beginner, so in this article, we will lecture you on what they could eat.

Amphibian Snails could eat a lot of things that we might see as rubbish and still get away with it without any issue, but when it comes to Turbo Snails, they are very sensitive and would become sick at any slightest change, either in water, food, etc.

Talking about foods, there are some specific foods that they could naturally eat and still be alright, and there are some they could eat and will become sick and might even die.

What types of food can Turbo Snails eat?


Algae is by far the most popular and natural food for amphibian Snails.

Almost all water Snails, both freshwater and brackish water-dwelling Snails could eat this, but when it comes to Snails like the Turbo Snails, they could consume a lot of algae.

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They are regarded as herbivores because they specialize more in plants, especially algae.

They could eat all types of algae including hair or hairy algae which is their best, Bubble algae, brown algae, Coraline algae, red algae, and diatom.

Being able to eat all these Algae, is why they are regarded as great algae eaters, because they have a huge appetite for them, especially the hairy algae.


Another type of foods turbo snails loves eating is seaweed.

In their natural habitat which is the seas, rivers, and oceans, they eat seaweeds.

There are also some fish foods that are made of seaweeds, they do eat them too.

Fish Foods

They do eat many foods which are normally made for fish, this is one of the reasons they are classified as tank cleaners because they could eat the leftover fish foods.

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Many times, you might see your Turbo Snails searching the whole aquarium, especially the substrates looking for any leftover food they could eat.


Naturally, every aquarium Snails will eat plants and vegetables because they are herbivores, omnivores and a few are carnivores.

Turbo Snails being regarded as herbivores specializes in living plants and vegetables which they use as a great source of vitamins and other minerals.


This might sound hilarious, but they do suck rocks and sand sometimes.

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This happens when they noticed some minerals in them such as iron calcium and others.

They can detect these foods and will go for them, that’s why you might somethings see them on rocks and sand.

These are some of the things they could eat and they love eating, also there are things they don’t eat, while some people assume they could eat those things, they are:

Corals: Turbo Snails don’t eat corals, but they stay on them because that’s their natural habitat.

So Turbo Snails don’t eat nor harm corals in any way, but people assume they do.

Copepods: Turbo Snails don’t eat copepods.

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Copepods being living animals can’t possibly be eaten by these Snails because they can’t just be able to harm them.

Cyanobacteria: Turbo Snails don’t eat cyanobacteria.


Turbo Snails are considered to be scavengers because they could eat a lot of things, such as fish pellets, flakes algae, and many more


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