Do Assassin Snails Poop A Lot? ( Why they might)

Do Assassin Snails poop a lot?

Aquarium Snails are often kept in the fish tank because of their tank cleaning ability. They do this by eating the algae and leftover foods in the tank, but sometimes, they will go contrary to their goal and become an agent for dirt in the tank. This is a result of constant pooping. The truth is, there are so many aquarium snails that could poop a lot, but in this article, we will learn if Assassin Snails and some other Snails are one of them.

Do Assassin Snails poop a lot? Every snail will poop according to how they eat, including Assassin Snails. Assassin Snails will poop a lot if they eat a lot.

Generally, aquarium Snails are known to be scavengers, this means they eat a lot of things and they naturally love to eat.

Some snails are omnivores, herbivores, and carnivores too.

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Assassin Snails are carnivores, this means that they could eat other snails, tiny animals, and shrimps too if they have the chance.

They are the only snails that could harm other animals and even eat them because they have an organ known as Radula, which they use to kill other Snails.

Being carnivores in nature and could eating mainly other Snails simply means that they eat heavily and so, they should be able to produce heavy waste from their body.

Assassin Snails could eat 2 snails per day. well, I believe, we all know how big aquarium snails could be, for instance, snails like the Mystery Snails, Apple Snails, etc.

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Being small in size and being able to eat a snail as big as they are, and even bigger will tell you the kind of poop they will release from their body system.

Even without physically seeing them poop, but with the kind of meal they consume, as a newbie, you will even use your common sense to know that their poop will be huge.

Judging by the law of Biology, every living thing that eats must poop. This is because the body can’t take or digest all the foods, so, some will have to go out as waste. ( poop) So Assassin Snails do poop a lot, depending on the amount of food they eat, just like every other Snails and animal.

Do Mystery Snails Poop A lot?

Yes, they will poop according to the amount of foods they eat. If they eat a lot of food, they will poop a lot.

Mystery snails are not like the Assassin Snails, they are not carnivores, but omnivores, meaning they specialize in eating leaves, algae, fish foods, and even dead animals too.

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They are big snails and scavengers too. So, they eat according to their size and do poop according to their size too.

So, they will poop more if they eat more, and even other Snails could do that, be it Ramshorn Snails, Malaysian Trumpets, Apple Snails, etc.

Do Assassin Snails Eat Fish Poop?

No, Assassin Snails don’t eat fish poop, they specialize in eating other snails and shrimps.

They are not known to be tank cleaners, they are mainly used as a Biological method of controlling the population of other Snails, because they eat them.

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Naturally, aquarium snails in general are not known to be able to eat fish poop.

Although some of them are tank cleaners, they specialize more in eating algae and leftover foods, and not fish poops, unless there are some algae non the poop, then they could eat them, but apart from that, they are not known to eat fish poop.

So, if you are noticing some poops from your fish, then you should clean the tank and change the water periodically, because, am sorry to disappoint you, no snail can eat fish poop.


Every snail could poop a lot, depending on the amount or quantity of foods they eat.


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