Do Crayfish Poop? What Does Crayfish Poop Look Like?

Do Crayfish Poop

Do crayfish poop?. This question seems a bit funny, but I have heard someone ask it and I decided to write an article about it to answer his question and other people that might be asking same question.

Do crayfish poop? Just like every living things that do eat, crayfish do poop to get ride of waste products in their body.

Everything that eat will at one time defecate to remove wastes from their body system, and crayfish is not an exception because it does eat too.

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Crayfish being an omnivores do eat all sort of things such as vegetables, plants, fishes, snails etc will have to poop because those things it eat cannot stay in it’s body system forever, as they will cause problems for it if they are not removed through poop.

If you have an aquarium where you train crayfish, you will be seeing their poops in the water from time to time, and so will need to be changing water for them.

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Even if you have a crayfish aquarium, you might not be seeing their poops, you might be wondering if they do poop.

Well, you might not be seeing their poops because the bottom of your aquarium is covered with stones, sand, caves etc.

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Their poop looks like a string of what they eat.


crayfish do as a matter of fact poop because they eat.

That’s why you must clean their tank at least once in 7 days.