Do Gourami Bite?

Do Gourami Bite?

Have you been bitten by your aquarium fish before? or have you seen your fish bite off the fins or tail of another fish?. Well, fish do bite when they get aggressive, although some are naturally aggressive and intolerant of each other. If you are area great fan of Gouramis, and you want to keep them in your tank, and you want to find out if they do bite, well, read this article to the end, as all your questions will be answered.

Do Gourami bite? Some male Gouramis are fully aggressive, while some are semi-aggressive, they fight and bite each other, including other aquatic animals. They might bite your finger if they get close to it.

Gouramis are very nice fish to keep, all of their species are very interesting because they have many behaviors which could be very entertaining, and they are also colorful.

They are freshwater and tropical fish too, and they are easy to care for.

The only fault they have is their aggression. Although both their male and the females could become quite aggressive sometimes and will bite anything that comes their way.

Their ability to bite other fish is why they are regarded as fin nippers because they sometimes fight by biting each other’s fins and tails, including other fish too.

So all Gouramis could bite, and they do bite other fish and might bite your hands too, especially those that are brought from the wild.

Do Gouramis Have Teeth?

Gouramis have very sharp and very small teeth.

They use their sharp teeth to fight other animals by biting them, and also for shewing of foods like vegetables, etc.

The fact is, they have teeth, but they are not dangerous, but very aggressive for some reasons and sometimes.


Gouramis can bite if they want to, especially those from the wild, as aquarium breeds are more domesticated than the wild bred