Do Mystery Snails Need a Heater and Filter?

Having aquarium could be very complicating and confusing, especially if you’re just new to it. This question has been asked many times in online forums so I decided to dedicate some of my time to answer the question. which is ” Do Mystery snails and other aquarium snails need heater and filter?.

Mystery snails and other aquarium snails do not need heater if their aquarium is inside the house. Aquarium Snails are not easily affected by lower temperature, so they don’t need heater.

Mystery snails are very cold tolerant, and can survive in almost any cold weather condition, so the idea of trying to provide a heater to their tank might be a total waste of money and time because they did be just okay without it.

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Even if their aquarium is located outside your rooms, they did still be okay, but I don’t think they could survive much of it like frost.

So even if the tank is outside the rooms.

You should take them in when winter season is around, in order for them not to freeze.

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They need filter, but have not use for heater.

For the fact they are in room, as room temperature is ok for them, even in the winter.

So heater will be a waste of money, unless you have fish as tank mates, then you might want to consider the fish temperature.

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Can Mystery Snails Live in Cold Water?

You might be wanting to know if Mystery Snails could be able to live in a cold water?.

Yes, they can live in a water with lower temperature and be ok. Mystery Snails are not vulnerable to low water temperature.

Although they don’t mind the temperature of water they are in, but I don’t think they will be alright in a freezing water.

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So it’s not advisable to even try it, because you might end up loosing them.

How Cold Can Mystery Snails Tolerate?

If Mystery Snails can live in cold water and still be comfortable, then how cold could they tolerate?.

Mystery Snails can tolerate water temperature of 68-75°F. It could be fatal for them if the temperature is close to freezing point.

This is exactly why it’s not advisable to leave your snail tank outside your doors during winter, because they will freeze and might die.

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But if they are indoors, then you have nothing to worry about, as they won’t be needing any heater, even in the winter.

Do Baby Mystery Snails Need a Heater?

If grown up mystery snails does not need a heater, simply because they can tolerate low temperature, what about their babies? do they need heater?.

Baby Mystery Snails do need small heater in the winter, but do not need it in other seasons, because the room temperature is okay for them.

Baby Mystery Snails don’t have the capability to tolerate as much cold as the grown ups could.

So they could be more vulnerable than the grown ups So therefore, they might need a small heater of about 15watts in the winter, despite being in room temperature.

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Unless the building itself has a heater.

Do Mystery Snails Need Filter?

Yes, Mystery Snails need filter. This is very necessary.

Some people do close their snail tanks to be air tight, without providing a way to filter the aquarium. Well, this bad. They need filter, and also a clean tank.