Do Apple Snails Bite? (Why Snails Bite You?)

Do Apple Snails bite?

I have a question, ” do you have pet aquarium snails, especially apple snails?, if yes, have you been bitten by them before?. Now you did be surprised, and will be like ”can snails bite??. Well I was as surprised as you’re the first time somebody said this on forum.

Do Apple snails bite? Yes, apple snails do bite. They have thin and small teeth which they use to eat vegetables, and will bite your hands if they notice food on them.

Apple snails are very big in size, infact they’re among the biggest of all aquarium snails.

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They’re ferocious vegetable eaters and also can eat algae very nicely.

But the funny part is, they could bite your finger or any part of your body, although the bite might not hurt you, but you will definitely notice it.

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Of course many people don’t know this, including me long time ago.

In this article, I will explain more about snail bite.

Do Apple Snails Have Teeth?

I know by now, you did be amazed and puzzled that snails could really bite. The next question you will likely ask is, “do they even have teeth to bite?

Apple snails do have thin and tiny teeth, which they use to eat vegetables and other foods.

These Snails are ferocious eaters and could eat anything that they could lay their hands on, especially if the food is soft and light.

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Although they could bite human, but their bite may not penetrate your skin, Although you may feel it, so it can’t be painful and can’t cause any injury.

Apart from Apple snails which are big, other snails have mouth and teeth too, although theirs are too small and can’t be felt, but they use it on foods ( soft foods) anyway!.

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But can’t be felt by humans.

Snail’s teeth are very tiny, but Apple Snail’s teeth are sometimes felt because they are big, so are their teeth too.

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What Does a Snail Bite Look Like?

Snails are gentle animals, including apple snails.

Although big, but gentle.

But I know what you might be thinking. No, snails are not aggressive, infact, apple Snails are one of the most gentle of all aquarium snails.

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They can’t just bite you for no reason, unless you allow them to crawl your body and they somehow notice their foods on your body, such as vegetables or algae, then they will try to bite their food and on the process may bite you.

So to be factual, they don’t bite human, they do it unknowingly or by mistake.

When they bite, their bite looks like a soft stings which are like that of a wasp or bee sting with localized burning and sharp stinging symptoms. They can be intense and also have numbness and tingling to the affected area.

Like I mentioned before, it is very rare for a snail to give human a serious bite that could cut the body and have blood rushing out, not even an apple snail, despite it’s size.

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Unless the snails size is extraordinary, which I highly doubt.


Although Apple snails and other snails have teeth, but the bite of apple Snails are sometimes felt, due to how big it is.