Royal Gramma Not Moving? Why And What Solution?

royal Gramma not moving, why and solution

Royal Grammas are very nice and beautiful fish to keep, but sometimes problems could arise, such as the inability to move or always stay in one place the whole time.

This is one of the things some people always complain about, and there are some reasons for that.

If your Royal Gramma is staying in one place and is barely moving, this article will help you, so read to the end to comprehend.

Royal Grammas are colorful saltwater fish that loves to stay among rocks and are barely seen swimming about, so they are not as active as other fish.

They are referred to as shy fish because they always hide in rocks, but they don’t just stay motionless, at least when they are not in their homes, unless something is wrong, which we shall look into in a short while.

4 reasons why your Royal Gramma fish could stop moving are:

1. It is new to the tank: They do this often when new to an environment.

Apart from this particular fish, other fish could do this too.

It might be as a result of shock or tired, especially fish that are transported from a fish shop in a plastic bag, etc.

When a fish is very calm and not moving just because it is new to the environment, I don’t think you have anything to worry about because they always overcome the sudden change of environment or tiredness/stress and move about its normal activities in a few hours.

This is one of the reasons why we always recommend acclimating your aquatic animals once you have them so that they can become used to the water you want to keep them in and help them avoid getting shocked as a result of being in a new environment.

2. Toxins: Another reason why Royal Gramma could stop moving is as a result of the presence of toxins in the water.

Toxins such as Ammonia, Nitrite, chlorine, etc are very harmful to fish and other aquatic animals because they could destroy the mating mood of any animal and will eventually kill them if nothing is done about it.

Some signs that fish and many Aquatic animals show when these chemicals/Toxins are dealing with them are: they stay in one place, they could swim upside down, and lastly, they may die.

If your Royal Gramma is steady in one place and if it is not in hiding, then there is something wrong, which could result from these toxins.

This is why we always recommend getting water testing kits to test your water to know if any toxin is in the water and do a change of water when you notice any.

3. The fish may be sick: Another reason why your Royal Gramma may be at one particular place in the open without moving for a long time could be because it is unhealthy.

Although they are not very active fish, they don’t just stay in one place without moving for a long time, unless they are hiding in their homes as usual.

Still, when they do this in the open, they could be sick, and you should contact your Vet for proper diagnosis and possible treatment.

4. It may be dead: Last, the fish could behave this way because it is finished.

When many aquatic animals die, including fish, they float or stay at the bottom, maybe upside-down, and motionless.

If your fish is doing any of these, then you may have to check if it is still alive or if it is gone.


These are some reasons why your Royal Gramma is not moving while in the open, so find out the particular cause and work on it. Good luck.