Do Tiger Barbs like light?

Do Tiger Barbs like light?

Do Tiger Barbs like light? Tiger Barbs are small tropical fish, they make nice aquarium fish because of their color and their activeness, but many people do wonder if these types of fish could be kept with light or not. We will discuss all about it in this article.

Do Tiger Barbs like light? Yes, Tiger Barbs could stay with light, but not bright light.

Tropical fish are normally okay with aquarium light, but dislike being kept in very bright light.

The fact is, they are indifferent when it comes to light because they neither seem to like it nor dislike it, although it depends on how you use the light.

When I say it depends on how you manipulate the light, what I mean is, at the night, some people will just be on the aquarium light which will startle the fish.

My point is, that your Tiger Barbs disliking of light depends on you.

This is because you suddenly on it which do startle them.

To use an aquarium light, you must, first of all, acclimate the fish to the room light before you on their aquarium light.

Imagine yourself being flashed a very bright light while you are asleep, you will be startled, so the same goes for fish too.

So, From my experience, Tiger Barbs are okay with dim aquarium lights when you know how to use them.

Do Tiger Barbs Sleep?

Yes, Tiger Barbs do sleep in the night and wake up when it is bright.

There is no animal that doesn’t sleep, so Tiger Barbs are not an exemption because they do sleep when it is dark.

Can Tiger Barbs Live Without A Heater?

Tiger Barbs are tropical fish that dwells in a temperature between 68-80°F, they do need a heater in their aquarium to be okay.

Although they could live without a heater in their tanks, but it all depends on the room temperature where their tanks are kept, and it is not advisable too.

The fact is, fish doesn’t like a temperature that fluctuates a lot, so hopping on room temperature alone might make their water temperature to fluctuate a lot, so getting a heater is the best deal in fish keeping.