Do Turbo Snails Burrow? 2 reasons why they do

Why Turbo Snails Burrow

Have you ever seen your Turbo Snail burrow on sand and substrates before? If you have seen it, then you may be wondering why it is doing it.

Turbo snails are one of the greatest algae-eating snails. They are fully aquatic and could be used to complement a fish tank, and they also help to clean up the aquarium by eating algae, leftover fish foods, and even some dirt in the tank.

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These snails are very useful to the aquarium, but they are very sensitive and require much care, or they might die.

If you want to know the reasons why your Turbo snail or snails are digging, then read this article to the end.

Do Turbo Snails burrow? Yes, Turbo snails could sometimes burrow on substrates to hide.

Although they are very sensitive and have a high mortality rate, especially when they are not properly cared for, but they are very active, especially when they sense or smell their food around.

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Generally, aquarium Snails don’t burrow, unless on a few occasions, and if your Turbo snail is burrowing, then there are some reasons behind it, which we will explain in this article.

Why Is My Turbo Snail Burrowing?

Like I mentioned above, Turbo snails and Snails, in general, don’t just dig for no reason, if yours is digging the substrates and sand, here are the possible reasons.

1. They dig or burrow to hide: One of the characteristics of this snail is, that they hide a lot.

There are many reasons why turbo Snails might burrow to hide, such as hiding from a predator or an aggressive animal that might harm them.

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They do this both in the wild and in captivity, for the fact they could see substrates or sand near them.

It is one of their defensive technique, so they could burrow and hide for self-defense.

Sometimes when they want to sleep and there is no cave or any other hiding place, they might have to bury themselves.

2. Another reason why your Turbo snail might be digging is that they have found food in the substrates or sand.

Sometimes, there are some minerals and maybe fish leftover foods that might have dropped to the bottom of the aquarium and are mixed up with substrates or sand.

They might detect them and will have to go for them by burrowing them to bring them out to eat.

Do Turbo Snails Bury Themselves?

Yes, Turbo Snails are reef safe, and they do bury themselves sometimes for some reason.

They are very fond of meddling with substrates, including burying themselves in them.

Although they don’t navigate very well on sand, but they could dig it and bury themselves when they like.

They bury themselves as a defense technique, in order to hide from predators or from other aquatic animals that could harm them.


These are the reasons why Turbo snails do burrow or dig on sand or substrates, so if you happen to see yours doing this, then know that they found some foods in the substrates or they want to hide.


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