Can Turbo Snails Live Out Of Water?

Can Turbo Snails live out of water?

Turbo Snails are aquatic Snails that are normally kept in the aquarium. They clean the aquarium by eating algae and leftover fish foods.

They could grow up to 5 inches and could also dwell in both freshwater and brackish water.

Due to the way they climb their tanks in order to get algae, they could sometimes escape from the tank if it is not well covered. The question is, can they live or survive out of water?

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In this article, you will learn all about the possibilities of Turbo Snail’s survival and how long they could stay out of water.

Can Turbo Snails live out of water? No, Turbo Snails are amphibian snails, and can’t stay out of water for long, or they will dry up and die.

Many amphibian animals make use of gills and not lungs, and so they need water to stay alive, or at least a moist environment to propel their gills to be functional so, that they could breath.

Turbo Snails are amphibians and they do make use of gills too, so, they can’t possibly live out of the water, at least for a long time, or they will dry up and die of suffocation and dehydration.

Although some amphibian animals could stay on land for someday and will look okay, but some can only stay for a few hours and some could only last for some minutes.

When it comes to amphibian snails, some can’t stay on land for a long time before they dry up and suffer suffocation.

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Turbo Snails and many other amphibian Snails can only be able to stay out of water for a few minutes to an hour or a bit more, depending on the environment.

A Turbo Snail and other amphibian snails won’t last more than 15-20 minutes if they happen to stay on dry and hot land, but if they stay in a moist environment, they could be able to even stay alive for some days, because they will still be breathing fine, and also will still be wet.

So, a Turbo snail can’t stay out of the water and survive for a long time.

Do Turbo Snails Escape?

Yes, Turbo snails will escape from their tanks when they have the opportunity.

Naturally, all snails are curious and exploring creatures, they will move about in their tanks exploring, and if they find a way, they will try to go out of their tanks to explore too.

Again, being one of the greatest algae eaters, they normally move about at all corners of their tanks, looking for algae to eat, with this, they could easily escape once they find an escape route.

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So, their tanks should always be closed or shut tight so they won’t have any route to escape.

How Long Can Snails Stay Out Of Water?

Aquarium Snails can stay a few hours to some days out of the water, depending on the environment they are in, and the type of snail. If the environment is moist, they can stay up to a few days and still be alive, and if the environment is dry and hot, they can dehydrate and die in a few minutes-hours.


Turbo Snails can’t live out of water because they are totally amphibians, but they could go out of the water and stay for a while and go back to water before they dry out.


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