How Do Crayfish Breath? (Full Illustrative Guide With Pictures)

How Do Crayfish Breath

There is always a feeling of curiosity and confusion whenever a life crayfish is seen on Earth’s surface, other than in the water, which lead to the questions, of how crayfish breathe, how do crayfish breathe on land, how do crawfish breathe on water.

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Crayfish, also known as crawfish or crawdad is a water and land creature which is classified as a lobster and has a hard calcium shell, claws and a pair of antennae used as sensory organs.

For years, many people have wondered how this creature breathe in both water and on land etc.

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This warranted me to go on an investigations and researches, and finally I got the full understanding of this puzzle.Stay put and learn/unravel this mystery about crawfish.


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Crayfish has the ability to breath in water because it has gills which is located on it’s sides and at the base of it’s legs and it’s used for breathing.

The gills are responsible for the breathing of crayfish by pulling oxygen into the bloodstream of the crawfish as water passes through them.

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It is not surprising, many people taught crayfish does not breath in water, but could hold it’s breath for a very long time, that’s why it survives in water for a very long time and does not drown, well! this is a fallacy and a folklore because crayfish does breath in water and can not drown in water.

The fact is, crayfish can only drown in water if it is very sick, dieing already etc, infact!, a normal and healthy crayfish can not drown in water which is it’s home.

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Like I mentioned earlier in this topic, crayfish is both a land and an aquatic creature because it could live both on land and in water.

Infact there are some types of crayfish such as “terrestrial crayfish”, that live most of their lives on land and lesser amount of their time in water.

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Now the question is, how are they able to breath on land?.During my research, I discovered that they use the same gills with which they breath on water to breath on land. How?.

The gills are very sensitive enough to get moisture from the air, by this, they could be able to breath on land with the help of the moisture in the air, as long as it is kept moist and sticks to humid areas, the crayfish can move on land comfortably and freely.

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Due to the fact that this creature needs moisture in the air to breath, in order to live on land freely, therefore they could not live in any type of environment such as dry land, desert etc, but on wet land.They can only be seen only in an environment that is damp or wet in nature and on an environment that has water bodies such as lake, river, sea etc where the soil is damp and the air also has alot of moisture so that they could breath with it.


I hope this article have settled your puzzle about how crayfish or crawfish is able to breath both on land and on water, despite being referred to as aquatic creature.

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