5 Possible Reasons Why Your Crayfish Stopped Eating.

Why Your Crayfish Stopped Eating

Are you worried and confused that your crayfish is sick or maybe dying because it is no more eating?. This article is for you. You will learn some possible reasons why your pet cray is not attempting to eat anything you drop for it.

Why is my crayfish not eating? A crayfish might stop eating because it is about to molt, it is sick or their water is too soft.

Crayfish is simple and easy to care for, but sometimes, it’s behaviors gets complicated. Although there are many reasons why it will stop eating, but the commonest reasons they do this are:

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– When they are about to molt: If you are familiar with crayfish, you did know that they do molt from time to time till they die.

If you don’t know what molting is, it’s the process of removing old skin or shell and replacing them with new ones.

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Crayfish do this alot.

When their shell gets too old, they will remove it and have new shell, this way, they look bigger and fresh.

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One of the characteristics they have is, when they are about to molt, they will automatically stop eating.

They won’t even care about any food, including their favorite foods, even if you place it in front of them.

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How long they stop eating before they molt depends on the crayfish, some do stop eating for some days and some will stop eating for some weeks before they molt.

First, find out if it’s because your crayfish is about to molt that they stopped eating.

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If it’s because of molt, there is no cause for alarm as it’s normal and they will start eating after molting.

– They might be sick: Another reason crayfish could stop eating might be because they are sick.

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There are so many reasons why they might fall sick, this includes bringing in infected cray to the tank, which might infect others with diseases and bacterias, not changing their water, keeping them in a dirty tank etc.

If your crawdad stops eating, find out if it is sick and if it is, take care of their environment and call a specialist who can handle it and know the type of medication and foods that might revive it.

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– Lack of interest in the type of foods you bring: Do you know that some crayfish might get tired of some certain foods and refuse to eat them?.

Before you conclude that it’s sick or about to molt, which might not be the case here, first of all, try changing foods for it.

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Crayfish do locate food by smelling it with their whiskers/antennae.

I would advise you to try Hikari crab cuisine.

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It has a strong smell which they love, it might make your supposed sick cray to come looking for it.

– They might stop eating because they need harder water and minerals: It’s a well-known fact that crayfish do need a lot of calcium and other minerals like vitamins etc.

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You might provide calcium and vitamins by giving them shells, cuttlebone, zucchini etc.

copper and zinc are also good for them, but in small quantities, as large quantities might hurt them.

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They do thrive more on hard water. If the water is too soft, iodide could help, or ask your pet specialist.

– The Water might contain a large amount of Nitrates: As we know, crayfish do not like brackish water and so do not do well in salty water.

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It might stop eating because the water has a lot of nitrates, and it is harmful or disturbing the crayfish’s health.


These Are some popular reasons a crayfish might stop eating.

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I would advise you to consult a specialist if you are not entirely sure of the cause.