How Long Does It Take For Apple Snails To Grow?

How long does it take for Apple snails to grow?

How long does it take for apple snails to grow? This is one of the most asked questions by snail breeders and snail keepers or lovers as you may call them.

I mean, as a snail lover, who wants to know when his snails will grow to full size? Apple Snails are one of the biggest species of aquarium snails, and they could grow pretty fast and big. If you really want to know how long and what it takes for your Apple Snails to grow fast, then this article is for you, read it to the end.

How long does it take for an Apple Snail to grow? Apple Snails could take up to 2-4 months to grow to their full size. They can grow from hatch to pea-size in 3 weeks to 1 month, then from pea size to quartr size in 3 weeks to another 1 month, then to full size in another 1 month or 2.

Apple snails do grow very big in size, they could grow between 5-7 inches, making them one of the biggest aquarium snails.

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Apple Snails grow faster, and how big they can grow depends on how much they are cared for.

When is say how much they are cared for, I mean, their immediate environment and also how much they are being fed.

Food matters a lot for snails, that’s why they normally multiply or reproduce very fast when they are eating the right food, so, they tend to grow very fast and very large when they are eating enough food.

From experience, a snail in a tank with a cooler Temperature and with unlimited food tends to grow far faster and more in size too than those in a tank with limited food and less cool temperature.

So, how fast your Apple Snail will grow depends on these two things, which are. Their environment and also their foods.

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Provide unlimited food and a suitable environment for your Apple snail and see it grow to its full size which is 5-7 inches in less than 3 months.

How Big Do Apple Snails Get?

When it comes to snails, Apple Snails are one of the biggest specie of aquarium Snails. This means they get pretty big in size.

How big do Apple snails get? When kept in a suitable environment with enough food, Apple snails could get to 5-7 inches in size.

Not every snail could get to this size, little wonder why they are regarded as one of the biggest species of water snails.

How Fast Does A Golden Apple Snail Grow?

Golden Apple snails could grow faster than most other species of snails if everything is okay with them.

How fast does a golden Apple snail grow? A golden Apple snail will grow from hatch to its full size which is 5-7 inches between 2-3 months if it is well fed.

The 2 key factors that determine how fast snails grow are the temperature they are kept in and also the amount of food they take.

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They seem to grow faster in a cooler Temperature, and so with nutritious foods than the opposite.

How Long Does It Take A Snail To Reach Its Full Size?

There are many species of snails and each of them has its nature and characteristics. Some like Apple/mystery Snails etc do grow very fast, while some take far more time to grow so, it really depends on the specie of snail.

How long does it take a snail to reach its full size? Some snails do grow very slowly. On average, it could take between 8-12 months for a snail to grow to its full size.

As I mentioned above, what determines how fast a snail will grow is its diet, the temperature it is kept in, and also, more importantly, the specie.

So, you can’t possibly generalize how fast snails take to grow because snails are different from each other, and they behave very differently from each other, for instance, some could eat it more than the other, etc, so, their growth rate differs.


How long it takes for Apple Snails and other snails to grow depends on their foods, temperature, and specie.


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