Why Is My Mystery Snail Growing So Fast? 3 likely reasons explained

Why is my Mystery Snail growing so fast?

Mystery Snails are one of the most popular aquarium snails, their popularity is contributed by their algae-eating ability and their huge size.

They are good snails to keep in the aquarium, although they could grow fast and huge, but sometimes, they seem to grow extremely fast or faster than normal. If you are wondering why yours is growing at that rate, then read this article to the end.

Why is my Mystery Snail growing so fast? Mystery snails growing so fast depends on the specie and how well they feed, and the environment they live in.

These are the 3 factors that’s will determine the overall growth of a mystery snail and other types of snails too.

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Don’t worry, I will explain them better in a minute.

Mystery snails are one of the biggest aquarium snails, so it is understandable that they naturally grow huge and also could grow faster than many other types and species of aquarium snails.

In the right condition, they can grow up to the size of a golf ball or at least 4-6 inches and could grow to a reasonable size in a matter of weeks to a month from the hatch.

But they sometimes grow extremely fast, I mean twice faster than their normal growth rate because of these factors I will explain below.

Factors That Could Make Mystery Snails Grow So fast

Factors that could make mystery snails grow very fast are:

1. Providing them with enough quality food: Food is by far the most effective way to make a snail grow faster than its normal growth rate.

Naturally, Mystery snails do grow very big, but when they have enough food and also a balanced diet, they tend to grow faster and more huge than their normal growth rate.

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They tend to grow twice their normal growth rate when they have constant food with enough balanced diet.

They need foods that are very high in calcium, iron, and vitamins to develop their shells for them to grow really fast and big.

So, giving them vegetables, fruits, and fish foods with meat like shrimp and worms will make them grow twice their normal growth rate.

So, if your Mystery Snail is growing so fast, you might have to check on its diet and its quantity too.

2. Good Environment: Keeping snails in general in a good environment is one of the factors that enables them to thrive more than they normally do.

A good environment has to do with the type of temperature they are kept in, and whether it’s favorable to them or not, then the quality of the tank, and the tank mates they have.

Mystery snail loves staying in temperature water, so, their ideal water temperature is 75-80°F

Again, their water quality should be free from chemicals such as ammonia, salt, chlorine nitrate, and alkaline.

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For a Mystery snail to live very comfortably, its pH, KH, and GH level should be at the optimum range of approximately 7.0, 5, and 9-10, respectively.

Optimize the water level according to their needs, and avoid using any copper source, they are susceptible to it.

Again, the type of tank mates your Mystery snail have goes a long way to determine the level of comfort it will enjoy in its tank.

Generally, Mystery snails don’t like stress, and they tend to grow poorly and unhealthy in a tank with hostile animals.

So, for your Mystery snail to grow faster than its normal growth rate, it means it is also enjoying a hospitable environment or peace in its tank.

3. Specie: The specie of the Mystery snail goes a long way to determine how fast the snail could grow and the size too etc.

There are many types of Mystery snails, some are bigger, while some are average, and some are smaller in size too.

They have different colors too, such as brown, white, and shell colors vary like light brown, black strips, etc

No matter how you might try to feed or keep their environment conducive and clean, their specie or type do play a huge role in their growth rate and size too.

So, if your mystery snail is growing too fast, then it is very likely that the species of the snail is among those that could grow very rapidly if they have enough food, etc.

Do Mystery Snails Grow Fast?

Mystery snails are voracious eaters and grow very quickly in size. The more they eat, the faster they grow.

Among many aquarium snails, Mystery Snails are one of the fastest snails when it comes to the growth rate.

And they are one of the biggest too, slightly smaller than the Apple Snails.

How Long Does It Take For A Mystery Snail To Reach Full Size?

A Mystery snail could take between 3 weeks to 2 months to get to its full size from hatch.

This Snail can grow pretty fast, but it really depends on many factors as I explained above such as the quantity and quality of foods, the environment it is exposed to, and also the specie of the mystery snail.

So to be frank, how long does it take for mystery snails to reach their full. size depends on these factors.


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