10 Surprising Vegetables and Fruits Nerite Snails can eat (What vegetables do Nerite Snails eat?)

Different vegetables Nerite snails could eat

Raising Snails could be complicating, sometimes they don’t eat the things you want them to. Especially Nerite snails. If you are thinking of having Nerite snails as pet, or you want to raise then in larger number, first you need to learn deeply about them, including what they can eat etc. In this article, am going to explain some surprising vegetables Nerite snails could eat.

What vegetables do Nerite snails eat? Nerite Snails could eat wide range of vegetables such as Lettuce, Broccoli, zucchini, Green beans, Spinach, kale.

Although this type of water snail could eat lot more things that are not vegetables such as algae, fish leftover foods etc, but in this article, am writing on the type of vegetables Nerite Snails could eat, so read to the end.

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Some of the vegetables Nerite Snails could Eat

Fluted Pumpkin leaves ( pumpkin leaves): You may be surprised, maybe because you may not have hear of this vegetable before.

This vegetable is mainly found in West Africa.

It is a delicacy to almost any snail you could think of, including land snails.

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It is dark green and is full of all the vitamins you could think of.

I have tried it on Nerite Snails, and they ate them before daybreak, so they seems to love it.

It is not only a delicacy for snails, it’s for humans and animals like sheep, goats etc, and also your answer to vitamin deficiency.

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To feed them to Snails, you have to heat them a bit, so that they become soft and light for snails to easily eat.

Zucchini/Courgette: I believe, we all know what zucchini is don’t we?, well, it is consumed by almost everybody.

I mean, who doesn’t love zucchini?

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Almost every do, including Nerite snails too.

This fruit is awesome, and snails enjoy having some bits too, especially Nerite snails.

As you know, snails have no real teeth, so it’s more better if you could find a way to make it soft, so that they could easily eat them.

Waterleaf: If you know about this vegetable, and have eaten a food prepared from it, then you did agree with me that it’s awesome.

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Snails love it too.

It is one of the best meal snails could have, that’s why it’s main pests are snails,0 because both aquarium and land Snails love it.

I normally feed my mystery snail with it and have tried it once on Nerite which it seems to love it.

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It has alot of vitamins, and so very good for animals, which your Nerite Snails are included.

This leaves start decaying in a day after taking it off the main plant and it turns to water as it decay.

So with this, you don’t have to soften it anymore, just give it to your snails and see if you will see a tiny piece of it in the morning.

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Cucumber: Cucumber is another thing Nerite Snails do eat.

Although it depends on individual snail and how you train it, because I have seen some Nerite snails devour cucumber, and some that doesn’t seems to care about it.

( Maybe they ain’t hungry that moment), so it varies on individual snails, not Nerite Snails as a whole.

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So cucumber is still a great food for them, but you might have to slice them bits by bits, so that they could easily have them.

Broccoli: Snails do eat broccoli and some of them seems to enjoy eating it.

It’s a known fact that snails could eat many vegetables and fruits, so they do eat broccoli, especially Nerite Snails.

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Although I haven’t tried it, but I have seen other people give their pet Nerite this and they do eat them.

You can try to soften it before giving it to your Nerite snails, so that they could find it easy to eat.

Paw-Paw leaves: Although this might sound weird to you, but they do eat it.

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I experiment it on my pet Nerite and he seems to like it, since then, i occasionally give it to him and he seems ok with it.

I got the idea from land snails, because just like Waterleaf, the main pest dwarf paw-paw have is land Snails.

So I knew, if land snails could love it, then it won’t do harm giving it to aquarium Snails.

Exactly like I expected, he seems to love it and eat alot of it until he can’t take anymore.

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Spinach: Nerite Snails do love eating this too.

Other snails like mystery snails, etc will eat this too.

So if you can lay your hands on it, it won’t do any harm if you try giving it to them and see how they react to it.

Then you will know if they like it or not, because snails will eat anything, for the fact they could.

Green Beans: I have heard alot about Nerite Snails and others eating green beans, well I haven’t tried it before, and am not actually sure I will.

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But many aquarists claim they give them to their snail and they love it.

Well green beans need to be soften before the snails could be able to eat them.

( I will update this when I learn alot about it).

Kale: I have come to notice that Nerite snails eat this too and it seems good for them.

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Maybe you can try it and see if yours will like it or not, because being the same species doesn’t mean they will all love it.

It depends on the environment and foods your snails are used to, so it won’t hurt trying, as long as it won’t kill them.

Carrots: Some Nerite Snails do eat carrot, although, mine is not used to it and does not eat it as much as other Nerite Snails I have seen eating it.

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That’s why I said, it all depends on individual snails etc.

So you can try cutting it into pieces for them and find a way to soften it so that they could be able to eat them, and see if yours will live them, who knows!.

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Nerite Snails could eat all these above listed vegetables and fruits, and non will harm your snails, unless they are sick already.

Although you can continue with your regular food, as this article is purely for informational purpose, and it depends on you to take it or not.