Why Is My Molly Fish Swimming Sideways? 3 Reasons Explained

Fisk keeping can be very interesting and a source of joy, but sometimes some problems might arise, which might send a shock wave to you. I have heard some people complain that their Molly fish is swimming sideways or upside down. Honestly, experiencing this kind of behavior from your fish could be heartbreaking, especially if you so much love it. To help answer this question, I made some research about it.

Why is my Molly fish swimming sideways? Molly fish could be swimming sideways because it is suffering from bladder disorder.

Fish swimming sideways or upside down is not natural, and it is disheartening, according to research, few factors could make any fish do that, we will get there in a minute.

Although Molly fish are considered to be hardy, they could be prone to certain kinds of diseases and bacteria, which might put them off balance or even kill them instantly.

To understand why your Molly fish is swimming in such a disheartening manner, here are some possible causes and possible recommendations.

Possible Reasons Why Molly Fish Could Be Swimming Side Ways Or Upside-down

Some of the possible reasons are:

1. Bladder Disorder: According to research, this is the most likely reason why fish could be swimming in such a manner.

According to Theprucepets.com, This disorder can be caused by many issues, spanning from the environment to feeding problems, including the following: Rapidly eating, overeating, constipation, or gulping air may occur with floating foods to cause an extended belly and displace the swim bladder.

The remedy to this is by feeding it with green peas, to counter constipation.

Although I won’t recommend doing anything on your own, get a Vet to do his job as a professional.

2: Some aquarists made mention of their first acting in such a manner when they are old and are about to die.

This could only mean that old age could be a factor that could make your fish be swimming this way.

Every living thing has its lifespan, and Molly fish is not an exemption, so If yours is acting in such a weird manner, then, you might have to calculate the age.

3. Fin rot or Fin nipping could cause this too.

Fin rot could be caused by some disease and bacteria which could be a result of an injury on the fin or fin nipping by other fish.

When a fish loses one of its fins, it might be forced to swim sideways or even upside down.

The thing is, it must lose its swimming balance.

In this case, call the attention of a Vet for proper medications and medical advice.