Will Diamond Goby Pair With Pistol Shrimp?

Will Diamond Goby pair with pistol shrimps

You will agree with me that one of the most interesting things about having an aquarium is keeping different aquatic animals in it and seeing them exhibit their different behaviors and relate as they could. Diamond Goby and Pistol Shrimp are two interesting aquatic animals to have, but the question is, will they pair? In this article, you will learn if they are compatible tank mates or not.

Will Diamond Goby pair Pistol Shrimp? No, they are not compatible and can’t pair. Diamond Goby will either eat or stress Pistol Shrimp.

The pistol Shrimp looks like a technicolor lobster, the pistol shrimp gets its name from its primary attack mechanism: a claw that fires bubble “bullets.

They dwell in saltwater and are mainly found on reefs.

Diamond Watchman Goby is saltwater sand sifting fish that like establishing their homes with rocks or on rocks and gravel.

Despite that, they are very compatible when it comes to their ideal environment, they can’t be kept together in the same tank unless the tank is divided into two with a tank divider, each animal having its territory or part.

When kept together, Diamond Watchman Goby will always stress the crustacean by playing with it in its mouth or eating it if it is hungry.

So many people complain of their Pistol Shrimps missing in their tanks with Diamond Goby as the tank mates.

This is so because they haven’t learned that these fish could take off these shrimps if kept together.

I have seen Diamond Goby drag a Pistol Shrimp in its home before and that was the last I saw that shrimp.

So, they don’t pair, and keeping them together will only endanger the shrimp.

Although it might take time before the fish will notice the shrimp, it will definitely eat it one day.

What Gobies Will Pair With Pistol Shrimp?

You will agree with me that a combination of Goby and Pistol Shrimp is very entertaining and cool, but the question is, what goby will pair with Shrimp.

What Gobies will pair with Shrimp? Goby Shrimp is a perfect match for Shrimp like the Pistol Shrimp.

Species like the Tiger Pistol Shrimp will comfortably live with Goby Shrimp.

Apart from this particular Goby, other Gobies will happily eat your Shrimp or play with them till they die of stress.

Are Pistol Shrimp Compatible With Other Shrimp?

Yes, Pistol Shrimp could live comfortably with any type of Shrimp in a tank.