Can Butterfly Fish Get Ich?

Can Butterflyfish Get Ich?

Ich, also known as white spot disease is a parasitic disease that Normally infects aquatic animals such as fish and others. You will begin to see white spots on your fish body and it does irritate them, that’s why you may see your fish scratching itself on any object it sees. Ich can affect both freshwater and saltwater fish but it seems to be more active on freshwater fish because some saltwater fish could resist it. Talking of saltwater fish and Ich, can butterflyfish get Ich? If you are looking for the answer to this particular question, then read this article to the end.

Can Butterflyfish get Ich? Yes, Butterflyfish can get Ich but they are resistant to it.

Butterflyfish is a beautiful saltwater fish with many species such as the Longnose butterflyfish, Copperband butterflyfish, etc.

Just like every other fish, they could also be infected by white spot disease.

Although Ich hardly infects saltwater fish because those fish are somewhat resistant to it and some are even totally immune to it.

Despite this, they could be infected when nothing is done to eliminate the parasitic disease from the tank.

Ich is a dangerous disease because it has the potential to stress or even lead to the death of your fish when ignored.

Despite the that it takes time before it could become visible on saltwater fish and might start disturbing them, many saltwater fish are completely immune to it either because of their overall health or what they eat and how relaxed and happy they are.

What I mean to say is, that any saltwater fish, be it Butterflyfish, Wrasses, etc could be completely immune to it if they are well taken care of and are in good health, and eats healthy foods.

So, despite that Ich could infect butterflyfish, it takes time and if the fish is in good health and eats good food, it can resist the parasite totally and become immune to it.

Am not in any way saying that you should ignore it when you notice the signs, no! always treat your fish when you notice this and also quarantine your tank.

To get rid of Ich out of your tank, what you need to do is simply relocate your fish and put in a good amount of copper in the tank, letting the water temperature become hotter.

This is because the parasites do not survive in hot temperatures and it speeds up this lifespan, again copper kills them instantly.

Apart from quarantining the tank, also do the same to the substrates and change your live plants.

When you are through with all these, wash your tank, set it back and relocate your fish back and set the heater to be high so that the remains in your fish tank will die in a short while.

Finally try as much as possible to quarantine anything, including animals you put in your fish tank because they do transmit this disease if not checked.

Can A Fish Get Over Ich?

Yes, a fish can totally resist Ich if it is in good health and eats quality food.

As I explained above, some saltwater fish are immune to this disease because of how they are taken care of and some fish could resist them totally because Ich doesn’t affect them in any way unless they are already sick.

So, some fish can get over Ich and some can’t, it depends on the overall health of the fish.

How Do Fish Get Ich?

Fish could get Ich in many ways such as adding contaminated fish or any other aquatic animal in a fish tank and adding contaminated objects in your fish tank such as Live plants, substrates, etc.

Sometimes fish that are gotten from the wild could cause this, and that is why I recommend quarantining them before putting them in your fish tank.

Does Ich in Fish Go Away On Its Own?

Sometimes fish could resist Ich until the parasites die.

As I explained above, some fish could contract it but it will have no negative effect on them and it will stay on the fish as a host until it dies.

The lifespan of Ich is roughly 23-30 days and it could only survive for hours or a few days without a host.

When the heater is on, its lifespan could be an hour or a bit more hours, depending on how hot the water is.

So, Ich will go away on its own if the temperature of the water is around 75-85°F and if there is some amount of Copper in the water


Butterflyfish could get Ich, but it is not very harmful to them because they could resist it, but when ignored, then it could affect them badly.