Can Angelfish Live With Butterflyfish?( How to keep them together)

Can Angelfish live with Butterflyfish?

Angelfish and Butterflyfish kind of look alike and if you don’t know much about the two different fish you will think that they are the same fish but butterflyfish are more colorful and beautiful than Angelfish. Being that they almost look alike, can they live together? If you are thinking about whether both fish could be kept together, then this article is for you.

Can Angelfish live with Butterflyfish? Yes, they can be kept together.

Telling you that both fish can be kept together doesn’t mean that you should just go and pick a random Angelfish and Butterflyfish and keep them together, no!

This is why I always recommend reading my articles to the end or you might end up making a costly mistake.

Angelfish are aggressive and territorial fish no matter the species. Although they could be kept in a community tank with the right and bigger tank mates or they will stress other fish to death.

Can Butterflyfish Live With Angelfish?

On the other hand, Butterflyfish are peaceful and non-territorial fish, they could sometimes hide, especially when they are kept with other fish, that’s why we sometimes call them shy fish, at least a vast majority of them do this.

Judging by the temperament of the two fish you will notice that keeping both together can’t be peaceful because Angelfish will not only bully the butterflyfish, it will starve it to death by chasing it into hiding and then grabbing all the foods meant for both of them.

Now you may be wondering why I said they can be kept together despite all these.

Well, they can, but there are only two ways to do that or the Angelfish will bully and starve the butterflyfish.

To be able to keep them together peacefully, the population of butterflyfish must be greater than that of Angelfish.

Or you can divide your tank and keep each of them to their end. So get a tank divider and divide your tank if you feel more comfortable with it this way.

I suggest you keep more butterflyfish because the more populous they are, the more they will intimidate Angelfish and force them to mind their business and stay away.

Again you should put in place hiding places so that both fish could be able to hide when necessary.

The only time I could recommend having a single Angelfish and a Single Butterflyfish together is when the Angelfish is still smaller than the Butterfly because it can’t bully the Butterflyfish at that age and size but add more Butterflyfish once the Angel starts growing.

Do Angelfish And Butterflyfish Get Along?

Yes, they will get along when the Angelfish is still small and less aggressive but they don’t get along very well when the Angelfish have grown.

As I explained above, the only solution to this is either to keep them together when the Angelfish is still smaller than the butterflyfish or to keep more butterflyfish lastly, you can divide the tank and keep everyone at their end if you want.


Although they look alike and can be kept together, but with the necessary procedures like I explained above or you will be making a costly mistake.