Can Crayfish And Gold Fish Share A Tank?

Can Crayfish And Gold Fish Share A Tank

Crayfish is a water creature which is loved by almost everyone because it is a very nice delicacy and a good pet too, as goldfish. Goldfish is one of the nicest aquarium pets anybody can keep. Both of these aquarium creatures are bottom dwellers and nice to keep as pet. But the issue is, can they be kept together in the same aquarium or tank?.

Can crayfish and goldfish live together? Crayfish and Goldfish cannot live together in the same aquarium, if they do, crayfish will kill and eat them.

If you are reading this article, it can only mean one thing, ‘ you are searching for information about goldfish and crayfish being together’ Well am sorry to disappoint, You can’t keep them together!.

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I know it’s nice and beautiful having a pet goldfish in your aquarium and it will be more nice to add crawdad or crayfish to it, but am sorry, I can’t recommend keeping them together.

Some of the reasons why they can’t live together are:

: Crayfish sometimes get aggressive against other aquatic animals, and they are quiet troublesome.

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Crayfish normally pinch anything that comes close to it with it’s sharp claws, this can only mean one thing, they will always use it on your goldfish, especially when the fish is asleep.

With this, they will injure your goldfish which will weaken and disease it, and could lead to death.

Goldfish in a crayfish tank

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Both crayfish and goldfish are bottom dwellers, this made it nearly impossible to keep them together without one harming the other.

Goldfish although are far faster than crayfish when it comes to swimming, and will quickly move when crayfish gets aggressive, but despite their fastness, being a bottom dweller makes them prone to attacks from crayfish, especially when they sleep.

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It is a very bad idea to keep them together, because eventually, crayfish will always get to them because they stay mainly at the bottom of aquarium.

: Crayfish will eventually kill and eat goldfish if kept together.

Yes, it will kill the goldfish and eat it!.

You might be wondering,. ‘ how can a crayfish kill a full grown goldfish that is bigger than it? ‘ well they do!, they do it slowly and consistently untill the fish dies.

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They normally pinch and wound the goldfish consistently at any chance they get.

They often get the chance when the fish is asleep. They will do this till the goldfish become exhausted or diseased and will die. They will then eat the fish.

One funny thing about crayfish is, even a single crayfish could kill more than 3 goldfish in a tank if given the chance.

: One of the characteristics of fish is, they are known to eat what ever that enters their mouth, and goldfish is not an exception.

Although crayfish do kill them, but if the crayfish is small, it could be a meal to the fish.

They could eat a baby crayfish when it gets to them, for the fact that they could be able to swallow them, So keeping a baby crayfish with goldfish will pose a great danger to them.

Do Crayfish get Along with Goldfish?

You might have probably seen an aquarium that comprises of goldfish and crayfish, and you might be curious to know if they could get along with each other.

Do crayfish get along with goldfish? Crayfish and goldfish does not get along. Crayfish can eat goldfish.

Goldfish and crawfish does not get along and cannot live together, as one will kill the other.

Some people might advise you to get them together in a large aquarium, that they will be fine because they will not stand on each other’s way. Well, this is a wrong idea, and I won’t advise that.

The fact is, both of them are not compatible because they are all bottom dwellers, so it will be hard for them not to stand on each other’s way because crayfish will always make troubles with goldfish.

I have witnessed an incident where a crayfish killed 2 goldfishes in less than a week, in a 30 gallon aquarium.

So it doesn’t matter the size of the aquarium, because crayfish will always get to the Goldfish.

Do Crayfish hurt Fish?

Knowing how aggressive crayfish is, you might be wondering if they can hurt all fish.

Do Crayfish hurt Fish? Yes, they do hurt fishes but not every fish, as some fishes can eat them.

Like I answered above, yes they do hurt and even kill and eat fishes, but it depends on the type of fish.

Fishes like goldfish, guppies etc are easy prey to crayfish.

They could easily hurt bottom-dwelling fishes, but can’t easily get to those type of fishes that stays at the surface.

The perfect answer to this question is, both of them could hurt each other.

There are some fishes that crayfish could kill and eat and there are some fishes that could kill and eat crayfish.