Can Hermit Crabs Live With Goby?

Can goby share a tank with hermit crabs?

Have you tried getting a Goby fish to live together and share a tank with a hermit crab before? Well, this fish although small, but it’s one of the funniest fish anyone can enjoy having. They’re not very aggressive, but they’re a very funny sight to watch, especially having them with hermit crabs. If you’re reading this article, it means you’re searching to know if goby fish could live or share a tank with hermit crab? Well, this article is for you. we will discuss about it.

Can Hermit Crabs Live with Goby? No, hermit crab can’t live with Goby. Goby will stress the hermit crab to death if they stay in one tank.

You might be wondering what I mean by ‘ Goby will stress hermit crab to death ‘ Well, Goby fish are very funny and are territorial too.

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They don’t like other animals crossing their territories or coming closer to them.

Although they might not literally hurt hermit crabs nor eat them, but they can kill them through their actions.

They’re fond of playing about with anything they can see at the bottom of the water, be it coral shell, snail shell and even crabs.

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Although it’s funny, but this fish plays alot and will stress any other animal in that tank to death, especially those with shells.

If you dare add crabs in their tank, you will be shocked that the crabs will be missing one after the other.

You might be asking, what does it do with those animals?

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Goby fish is territorial, they normally use anything on shell to built their walls. ( lol) Sounds amusing right?

Well, that’s true.

If these two animals happen to share the same tank, what will happen is, the goby fish will pick every snail in that tank in their mouth and use them for their wall.

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This will in turn harm the crabs in a big way, which might eventually kill them.

Hermit Crabs doesn’t like being stressed.

So if the fish continue this, you may end up losing the crabs. That’s why I can’t encourage them sharing the same tank.

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Apart from this playful attitude of goby, they can live comfortably with anytype of crab.

Although many aquarists do keep them together by having them in a large tank where they will stay out of each other’s way.

The idea of getting them a big tank can work, but I think the fish will leave them alone as time goes on.

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That’s if the crabs are not dead before then. But I can’t encourage this, unless the crab is not that valuable to you.

Can Hermit Crabs Live with Freshwater Fish?

You might want to know if hermit crabs could be able to live in freshwater, and also with Freshwater Fish.

Can hermit crabs live with freshwater fish? Yes, hermit crabs can live in both freshwater and saltwater, so can live with freshwater fish that are suitable tank mates to them. They require a mixture of both freshwater and saltwater.

Hermit Crabs are very gentle animals that doesn’t like being stressed.

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So they can live with both freshwater fishes and salt water fish too, for the fact that the fish are suitable tank mates to them as tank mates.