Can Hermit Crabs Live With Anoles?

Can Anoles live coexist with hermit crabs?

Yes, we all love our pets. If you have some pets or you’re planning to keep some, it’s a fact that you must offer them a good environment and try to keep them happy, isn’t it? If you’re reading this article, it could only mean that you’re trying to find out if your Anole lizards could be able to coexist with hermit crabs.

Well, you will learn everything about it in this article.

Do you know that Anole lizards can be good pets to keep at house, but they are not social animals.

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They’re very territorial also.

They’re cold blooded and thrives in an environment with 60-70% humidity, and if kept in an environment below this humidity level will have problems such as non digestion and lack of appetites etc which could cause sickness or death.

Hermit Crabs are very social and are very nice pets to have in your house too.

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There are two types of hermit crabs, they are: Total aquarium hermit Crabs and land hermit crabs.

The aquarium hermit crabs as the name sounds are total water crabs.

They can spend all their life on water and less time on land. Infact they don’t have any use for land because they naturally love water.

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On the other hand, land hermit crabs are land crabs that have somehow evolved to fully adapt to staying on land.

Although they can live on land, but not dry land, as they still make use of gills to breath, and so do require staying in a high humid environment.

They require 70-85% humid environment inorder to be fine and happy.

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At least, with the short description of the two animals above, do you think they could be able to live together and coexist? We will find out.

Can Hermit crabs live with Anoles? No, Hermit crabs and Anoles cannot live together in the same environment and survive.

Their natural habitat are different.

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Anoles can’t survive in hermit crab’s habitat, so, hermit crabs can’t survive in Anole’s habitable environment too.

Apart from natural habitat, these two creatures are not good mates in many other ways which we will look into soon.

Trying to keep your Anoles and hermit crabs in the same environment and together can be very catastrophic for both of them.

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Infact it’s unthinkable and it won’t even work.

For instance, let’s say you achieved a 75% humidity level for both of them, don’t you think you will end up favoring the crab and displeasing the lizard?

Because this humidity level can be very ok for the crab, but too high for the anole, and if you prefer low level humidity like 60%.

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Again you will only end up favoring the lizard and leaving the hermit crab to it’s own fate.

So you see?, both can’t coexist because their nature is quiet different from each other, despite they both stay on land.

Apart from the natural habitat, they both can’t still cohabitate even if their habitable environment could match.

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This is due to the fact that, although hermit crabs are social, but they’re clumsy.

What I mean is, they could attack the lizard mistakenly etc, and the lizard will try to fight back, which might cause fighting and for them to kill or seriously wound each other.

Again Anoles are not social, and they’re also territorial too.

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So they can hardly tolerate having other animals around them, unless their kind.

So keeping a hermit crab with an anole can not work because the lizard will see the crab as a threat and will try to chase it out of his territory, and the hermit crab might see the anole as a predator and might try to attack.

We all know that crustaceans sometimes do Molt inorder for them to expand and grow in size.

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Well, even if the hermit crab lives with anole, there will come a time when the hermit will Molt.

At this stage, the hermit crab will be very weak and vulnerable to any form of attacks.

So at this stage, the lizard might see it as a potential food and might try to attack and kill it as food.

So it could be dangerous keeping them together, even if they can cohabitate in the same ecosystem.

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Another reason both of them can’t be able to live together is, They don’t eat exactly the same type of foods.

For instance, the hermit crab do eat all sort of salty foods etc, and the anoles do eat insects and some fresh foods which humans can eat such as bread and some other table scrap.

Do Hermit Crabs and Lizards get Along?

Do hermit crabs and lizards get along?

So, You might be wondering if hermit crabs and lizards could get along. Well, like I explained above, hermit crabs are although social, they don’t like being stressed and also their temperature and that of lizards are not exactly the same. So can they get along?

Hermit crabs and some Lizards could get along once they stay out of each other’s way. They could only get along with lizards that have high temperature like them. Although, they’ll have different foods.

There are some lizards that share almost the same high temperature as hermit Crabs, so they could easily get along and live together.

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But There is every chance that there will still be some problems between them.

They may fight, which is normal because they ain’t the same animal and again crab might try to take a toll on the lizards.

Asking if lizards could live with hermit crabs. Yes, but it depends on the type of lizard. Definitely not Anoles.

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We will discuss the types of lizard that could stay with hermit land crabs below.

What Lizards Can Live with Hermit Crabs?

Although I would normally advise this, when looking for a mate for your pets, especially crabs, the best mates are the mates of the same species or kind.

But If you think otherwise, and want to know the type of lizard that would live with crabs, then this is for you.

What Lizard can live with hermit crabs? The only lizard that enjoy the same temperature with hermit crab is the Eyelash Gecko or Crested. They could comfortably live together in the same environment but can’t eat the same food.

Crabs can only live with these animals if they could be able to tolerate each other.

Although they could live in the same terrain, but when it comes to socializing with each other, I don’t think so.

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Again they also differ alot when it comes to foods and water, as crabs enjoy salty foods and water, while lizards don’t.

If you ask me, I would tell you to keep them apart from each other, although in the same environment.

What Animals can Live with Anoles?

Now you know that Anoles and hermit crabs can’t make a good mate, you might also want to know the animals that could be able to live with your Anoles.

What animals can live with Anoles? Animals that could live with Anoles are Geckos, Bearded dragons, Anoles, Chelonians, Turtles and Tortoises.

These animals can live with Anoles if the habitat is set up properly.

Although Anoles are territorial and not social, they can still manage to live with these animals I mentioned if the care or tanks are setup properly to accommodate them together.

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They will be able to live together in a bigger cage or tank.

In that way, they will be able to stay out of each other’s way and live peacefully.

With all said, the best mate for any animal is the same specie of animal.

What am trying to explain is, keeping the same animals together could result to 100% compliance, while keeping animals of different types and species won’t give you 100% compliance and coexistence among them.

So it’s best to keep Anole with it’s fellow Anoles.


Hermit Crabs can hardly coexist with Anoles, unless they live in different cages or tanks with different temperature and humidity etc.

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