Can Hermit Crabs Live With Wrasses?

Can hermit crabs live with Wrasses

Wrasses are beautiful fish. It will make sense to keep them in a tank at home or even in your rooms. But as a crab lover, is it good to keep them in a crab tank? If you are reading this article, it means you’re looking for information about hermit crabs and wrasses staying together or sharing the same tank. Don’t worry, I gat your back on this.

Can hermit crab live with wrasse? Wrasses are crustacean eaters and will eat any crab if they have the opportunity. Wrasse and hermit crab can’t share a tank.

Do you know that wrasses are one of the most territorial fish?

This means they hardly tolerate much aquatic animals in their tanks, and will kill them if they can.

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They eat alot of things, more especially crustaceans, which is one of their best meals, including snails.

So adding hermit crabs to their tanks or any crustacean either shrimp, crabs or even crayfish will automatically turn those crustaceans into the Wrasses food.

Although wrasses are very fine fish, but don’t put any of your pet crustaceans in the same tank thay you have a wrasse, unless you want to get ride of that crustacean or snail because crustaceans are their natural food.

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If you ask me, honestly, I won’t tell you to keep any type of crab, crayfish or shrimp in the same tank with a wrasse fish, or you will end up losing them to the fish.

Forget about things people say, especially on forums.

I have seen where a wrasse killed a hermit crab before, so keep them with your crabs at your own risk.

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That’s why it’s very important to make research before doing anything, especially on pet keeping.

Or better get information from your pet store before buying, to avoid mistakes.

Will Wrasse Eat Hermit Crab?

Although Wrasses are nice fishes, but territorial and aggressive. As we have learned above, they and hermit crabs are not good tank mates and cannot live together. You may be wondering why.

Will Wrasses eat Hermit Crab? Yes, one of the natural meals for Wrasses are crustaceans. They will eat any crustacean, including hermit crabs.

Like I explained above, Wrasses are very territorial and aggressive to the extent they don’t tolerate much tank mates, including some other fishes.

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They will kill almost anything that comes their way, that’s if they could kill it anyway.

So they can’t live with crabs and will eat them if they found one.

Can a Hermit Crab Live in a Fish Tank?

As hermit crabs and other crabs can’t share a tank with wrasse, you might be wondering if they could live in a fish tank.

Can hermit crab live in a fish tank? Yes, Hermit Crab can share a tank with some fish. But the fish tank must have necessary requirements such as substrates, caves and dry land where the crabs will stay.

Although they can live in the same tank with the type of fish that can’t hurt them, but as you might have known, hermit crabs don’t entirely live inside water or submerged.

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So they can’t live in a fish tank untill certain conditions are met, which are:

Having or constructing some places ( land) in the fish tank, where they will always stay when they get out of the water, and also having in place caves and substrates where they will hide or stay.

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Crabs love staying in caves and hiding in substrates just like crayfish do.

So they can’t live in a fish tank if it doesn’t have all these things.

They might not survive without coming out on land once in a while at least.

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Can Hermit Crabs Live in Fish Gravel?

Just like snails, crayfish, shrimps and other crabs that are bottom dwellers love substrates and gravels. Do hermit crabs follow suit?

Can hermit crabs live in fish gravel? Just like other crustaceans, hermit crabs love fish gravel and do stay in them.

Do you know that crustaceans love digging and will dig anything they could find, that’s why it’s important to always keep them in a tank that has substrates placed in them and with some decorations with with gravels and caves.

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Apart from those decorations etc that makes aquariums very attractive, they are also helpful to aquarium animals we have in them, especially crustaceans such as hermit crabs, other crabs, crayfish etc.

Because they love digging on them and hiding in them etc.

So they love fish gravel because it’s their natural habitat.

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Even in the wild, they also live in gravels, caves and even in the soil.

Can Hermit Crabs Live with Other Fish?

Although they can hardly live with some territorial and aggressive fish like wrasse and some others, but there are some fish that they can comfortably live with.

Can hermit crabs live with other fish? Yes, some of the fish they can comfortably live with are Damselfish, Cardinalfish, Clownfish and Gobies.

These are some of the fish that could be suitable for hermit crabs, which means they can stay with this type of crab without harming each other.

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Also have it in mind that crabs could also kill some fish too such as goldfish, Angelfish etc.


Before adding tank mates to your aquarium pet, first check if they can coexist.

Adding animals that can’t coexist together can only end up causing troubles for you.

So Wrasses and hermit crabs are not good tank mates, so don’t get them together no matter what, unless you want to feed the Wrasses.