Can You Glue Aquarium Rocks Together?

Can You Glue Aquarium Rocks Together

Rock serves many purposes in the aquarium and that is why it is very important to Aquarists or fish keepers.

It protects the aquatic animals from aggressive tank mates, provides shelter for them, beautifies the aquarium, and also retains algae which serve as food for many aquatic animals.

Rock is very important in our fish tanks, it is used to make caves where the animals will be staying and sleeping, etc but the question is, how do you hold those rocks together to form a cave or anything you want to use it for?

This brought about the question, Can you glue Aquarium rocks together?

You will find out in this article and also many other things about Aquarium rocks.

Can you glue Aquarium rocks together?

Can You Glue Aquarium Rocks Together?

Aquarium rocks could be glued together with super glue, silicone adhesive, or epoxy resin.

Keeping fish and other animals in the Aquarium is very interesting, but they alone can’t make a fish tank very interesting without some objects being present in the fish tank.

Some other interesting things that make a fish tank to be complete are caves, gravel, sand, plants, pipes, etc.

Knowing that you could glue rocks together to form anything you want in your fish tank, such as caves, the question you might have in mind right now is ‘how? you will learn all about it in a minute.

How To Glue Aquarium Rocks Together

To glue Aquarium rocks together is very simple.

First, make sure that the type of rock you want to use in your aquarium is all good.

Check out the recommended Aquarium rocks below.

Treat the rocks by boiling and disinfecting them with bleach and then wash them thoroughly with running water so that no bacteria could still survive in them.

If you buy from a reputable distributor, you may not need to treat them again because they have already been disinfected.

Take those rocks and glue them together with the recommended glues above, depending on the shape you want them to be.

After gluing them together and to the shape you want them to be, allow them to dry before keeping them in the aquarium.

Keep them in any position you like in the aquarium and they will still be intact even if your fish keeps bumping into them.

Best Glue For Gluing Aquarium Rocks Together

There are many types of glue that could do the work of holding rocks together, but the question is, are they all reliable and strong?

Glues such as super glue, silicone adhesive, or epoxy resin could all hold rocks together, but how durable are they?

Silcon glue could do the work but water current might weaken the stronghold of the glue which might make the rock work short-lived.

Talking about the best glue for this, I strongly recommend Epoxy Putty.

This is the best Glue so far to hold your Aquarium rocks together and have them last for a very long time.

It is very safe for your animals and durable too.

Is Original Gorilla Glue Aquarium Safe?

Talking of Aquarium glues and their durability, you may want to know if Original Gorilla Glue is safe for Aquarium animals.

Original Gorilla Glue is very safe for aquariums and also strong and durable too.

This is because it is not harmful to any aquatic animal.

Although I recommend Epoxy, another glue I like is this particular glue.

You can use it to hold your Aquarium rocks together, woods, and many more and it is very strong and durable too.

Which Rocks Are Suitable For Aquarium?

As I explained above in this article, rocks are very important for our fish tanks, but not all rocks are good as some could be very harmful to our Aquarium animals.

Here is the list of suitable rocks for the aquarium:

  • River Rocks
  • Fiji Rocks
  • Glass Rocks,
  • Lava Rocks,
  • Mountain Stones,
  • Plastic Rocks,
  • Quartize,
  • Rainbow Rocks,
  • Slate and Shale, and
  • Texas Holey Rocks, etc.


You can glue Aquarium Rocks together with the help of glue.