Do African Dwarf Frogs Fight? ( Why They Seem To Fight Each Other)

Do African Dwarf Frogs Fight ( Why They Seems To Fight Each Other)

African dwarf frog is a specie of frog that is said to have originated from Africa. It is smaller than many frogs and does look much like an African clawed frog, no wonder many people mistake the two. They’re non aggressive pets to keep with a very poor eyesight. Keeping them is fun, but sometimes they tend to get aggressive or look like they’re fighting among themselves etc, so do they actually fight? Can they kill themselves etc. In this article, we will learn all about if they can fight or kill themselves.

Do African dwarf frogs fight? African dwarf frogs are not aggressive to each other, but they will sometimes bite each other because of their poor eyesight.

Like I always say ” the best tank mate is keeping the same specie of animals together” so keeping African dwarf frogs together in a tank is the best because they all will cohabitate and coexist peacefully.

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But sometimes you might get a surprise from them because they may sometimes seems to be fighting and attacking themselves etc, which may keep you wondering if they’re aggressive to themselves and might actually harm or kill each other.

The fact is, this type of frog are both peaceful and calm, at least among themselves.

But why do they seems to be aggressive? We will find out later.

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Although they can sometimes kill and eat smaller animals that comes their way, but does it make them aggressive? well, I don’t think so.

So why don’t hey seems to fight each other? Let’s find out.

Why African dwarf frogs Seems to Fight each other.

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This type of frog doesn’t have any atom of aggression in their little body.

Some of the reasons they may seems to fight each other are:

They have poor eyesight: This type of frog has been proven to have poor eyesight vision.

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This simply mean that they cannot properly see any other animal that is around them.

Sounds a bit weird, but it’s the fact.

This is one of the reasons they will eat any smaller animal in their tank.

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It means they sometimes attack or eat animals in their tank because they can’t see properly and would eat anything that fits their mouth, regardless of what it is.

They have the behavior of biting themselves unknowingly, thinking it’s food and will always withdraw when they notice it’s not food but their fellow frogs.

So African dwarf frogs don’t fight nor attack each other, if you see them do so, then it’s by mistake, and don’t worry, they don’t have the ability to hurt each other.

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They can drag food: Although they’re not in anyway aggressive to each other, but just like every other animals, they too can drag food.

If you have this type of frog more than one in a tank, you must have noticed that they will normally drag food, like dragging a bloodworm with their mouth and end up splitting the worm and eat it.

If you have noticed that, well, it’s nothing to worry about because it is just normal.

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Seeing them drag food might seem a little bit aggressive, but it’s just normal, and every animal do it, so they’re not fighting.

When they mate: We all know that every animal, or at least non Asexual animals will have to mate in order to produce offsprings.

African dwarf frogs are not an exception to this.

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They mate by staying on top of each other. Like the male climbing on the female.

If you’re not familiar with this and view them at that position, it will look as if they’re fighting, but in the real sense, they’re not.

In a case where the males are far more than the females in a tank, the males might have to struggle among themselves in order to mate with the females.

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Although they might seem to fight, but they lack the ability to harm themselves.

Can African dwarf frogs live together?

Although they sometimes seems to fight or could attack each other unknowingly, that makes many people to wonder if they can actually live together with their same species.

Can African dwarf frogs live together? Yes, they’re social animals and does not like living alone. They’re happy and lively when they live with two or more of their kind.

The issue of Africa dwarf frogs attacking themselves or fighting is not a big deal because they don’t do any of these willingly, but by mistake.

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So literally, they don’t attack themselves.

They’re meant to live together because they’re social animals, keeping a single African dwarf frog is not helpful to it can have some negative impacts on your pet.

So they should live in a tank with their own kind.

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But if you must add another animal that is not their own kind, then do research before doing that to avoid accidents.

Why do African dwarf frogs grab each other?

You may be wondering, if the dwarf frogs can’t fight nor attack their own kind, then why do they sometimes grab each other.

Why do African dwarf frogs grab each other? They sometimes grab each other thinking they are food because of their poor eyesight. Also the male will grab the female when they mate.

African dwarf frogs grabbing themselves is just their normal behavior and doesn’t mean they do hurt each other.

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You will notice that they will do this alot when you have the male and female in a tank.

They’re just mating and nothing more.

They can stay like that grabbed to each other for sometime and will let go when they’re done, so it’s nothing to worry about.

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Another reason they grab each other is because of their poor vision.

Sometimes they think that their fellow frog is a prey and will grab it by biting it, but will let go as soon as they realize it’s their own kind they’re biting.

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For them, this doesn’t hurt, but it can hurt fish etc. So this this just normal.

Do African dwarf frogs kill each other?

Knowing that they could accidentally bite themselves due to their poor vision, the question that might come to your mind is ” can they kill each other? Well, we will find out very soon.

Do African dwarf frogs kill each other? No, they can’t harm nor eat each other, but they might mistakenly swallow their young ones.

When I say they can’t harm each other, what I mean is if they’re all grown ups.

According to livescience ” frogs eat almost anything that enters their mouth, including infant African dwarf frogs too”

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So it’s possible that the adults could mistakenly eat any infant frog that enters their mouth, but this doesn’t mean they can purposely kill nor harm each other.


African dwarf frogs are not aggressive and does not fight nor attack themselves, If they do, then it’s by mistake.

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