Can African Dwarf Frogs Live With Shrimps?

Can African Dwarf Frog Live With

For pet lovers, African dwarf frog is a nice pet to keep in your tank at home, also shrimps are nice too and would be cool to keep in your room. But what if both African dwarf frogs and shrimps are kept together in a tank? well, i think that will be awesome and cool, but the question is, can they live together? Both animals are scavengers and would eat anything they can, especially the African dwarf frogs. So let’s find out in this article if both are compatible with each other.

Can african dwarf frogs live with shrimps? No, African dwarf frogs normally feed on shrimps. They will eat shrimps if they get the chance.

Making these two animals to share a tank can be very risky and cruel because the shrimps won’t last long.

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The African dwarf frog is a fully aquatic animal and so have no need for land, although they have lungs and breath air.

They’re bottom dwellers, just like every frog and are scavengers too.

Although they are naturally not aggressive, but they can literally eat anything that could fit into their mouth.

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Sometimes they might also kill and eat those that are even bigger than them, so they’re great hunters and would kill any shrimp that gets in their way.

All frogs are freshwater, so they’re Freshwater frogs too, including shrimps.

So literally, they could be able to live in the same type of water with the same pH and parameters and be comfortable, but the issue is, they can’t live together without the frog eating the shrimps because they see shrimps as natural food.

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Shrimps are freshwater too. They’re scavengers, but would only be able to eat smaller animals they could kill and are also good at cleaning tank by eating algae.

But can they survive being together with African dwarf frogs? The answer is no.

Although every crustacean is a hunter, so as shrimps, but when it comes to living with this type of frogs, they will become prey themselves.

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The fact is, they could live together in the same water in the wild.

This is because the water (river, lake) is very wide and will contain them without any one getting on the ways of another.

Again the frogs doesn’t have much time for them in the wild, so they don’t bother them, so the fact the shrimps don’t get on their way and there is enough for the frogs to eat too.

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But having them in a tank is risky because the tank is both small and the water is with no current too.

So in a tank, both of them will get closer to each other and probably start troubles which will lead to fatality.

So keeping African dwarf frogs in the same tank with shrimps is very risky, as they will eat the shrimps as time goes, especially if the shrimps are smaller than them.

Can African dwarf frog live with Cherry Shrimp?

Maybe you have a cherry shrimp and you’re wondering if they could get along with this type of frog, then this piece is for you.

Will Cherry shrimps get along with African dwarf frogs? No, although they might seems to get along, but African dwarf frogs will eventually eat them.

As I explained above, this type of frog are natural hunter, especially when they’re hungry.

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The fact remains that even though the cherry shrimps are bigger than them, it might delay the frogs from eating them, but they will eventually do, especially when they go hungry.

So Cherry shrimps are not suitable tank mates for the African dwarf frogs in any way.

Will African dwarf frogs eat Bamboo and filter Shrimps?

As we all know, filter Shrimps and bamboo shrimps are very big. Infact they’re far bigger than many species of shrimps and even African dwarf frogs themselves. So judging from their sizes, will they be able to live comfortably with the African dwarf frogs?

No, African dwarf frogs although is smaller than Bamboo and filter Shrimps, but it will still hurt them.

The fact is, these species of shrimp are naturally big, and could limit the scavenging effects of the frog on them, but as time goes, the frog will definitely find a way to hurt them, which could lead to their death.

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Shrimps no matter how big are still vulnerable to frog’s attack.

Although bigger shrimps like bamboo and filter Shrimps have the advantage of staying with African dwarf frogs for a little while longer than other shrimps before the frog could hurt them, because their size is their advantage.

But nevertheless, it’s risky because the frogs will injure them, which could lead to their death.

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After they die, the frogs will then feed on them gradually.

So if you ask me, I won’t advise keeping them together, both aggressive and bottom dwelling animals can’t live together peacefully.

Can African dwarf frogs live with Ghost shrimps?

Ghost shrimps, as the name signifies are like ghost in a tank. They’re kind of light and transparent, which makes them hard to see by other animals especially predators. They’re freshwater too, just like Africa dwarf frogs. African dwarf frogs have poor eyesight. So judging by this their ability, can they be able to live comfortably with African dwarf frogs?

Can Ghost shrimps live with African dwarf frogs? They can live with African dwarf frogs for sometimes, but their safety with the frogs is not guaranteed.

Although being semi invisible to so many animals is their advantage against predators, but living for too long with them, especially the African dwarf frogs is what I won’t suggest because their safety is not guaranteed.

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I have heard some people say ” their Ghost shrimps are doing fine with their frogs.

Well, I will say this is temporary. Frogs of all type will normally go crazy with foods when they’re hungry.

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So keeping them together is risky because the frogs might feed on them any day that fits them.


Like I always advise, it is necessary to make proper research before putting any of your pets together to avoid accidents.

So frogs, especially African dwarf are not suitable tank mates for your shrimps, so don’t try to make them to share a tank because you will definitely lose your shrimps.