Do Aquarium Snails Molt? (Can Aquarium Snails Shed?)

Do Apple snails change color? ( Gold Apple Snail)

I was scrolling on a forum on my leisure time when I came across a thread discussing about “apple Snail changing colors”. Somebody was saying that his apple Snail changed from Brown to green, and I was shocked!. I decided to make a thorough research on that to be actually sure.

Do Apple Snails change colors? Apple Snails don’t change colors. It might have an altered shell color due to diet, but the shell won’t change color.

Although there are some animals that could change colors, just to fit or adapt in their immediate environment, or to camouflage and hide from their preditors.

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But apple snails are not among them.

Changing of color comes from inner body ( DNA/GENE) and apple snails don’t have the capability to alter it’s original colors, unless the color change does not come from it’s inner body, just like crayfish do.

There is no concrete prove that any type of aquarium snail do change it’s colors or can at least alter it’s original colors.

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Apple Snails have different colors which are original to them, they are golden color, ivory, blue, brown, albino, pink,Jade, red, purple. These colors are natural to them, depending on their sub – species, and cannot be changed by them, unless the change is not internal or natural, but external.

Although I have seen somebody argue ferociously about his Apple snail pet changing to green, which is unbelievable.

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If such happened, then it’s not the snail itself that changed color, it’s an external factors that might have affected the shell. What do I mean?

This is my point. According to research, the colors of snail’s shell could be affected by the following:


High co2


Algae does not only grow on aquarium rocks, stones or aquarium walls, they can even develop on your snail’s shell.

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Although Apple snails are ferocious algae eater, but they can’t be able to eat the ones that grow on their own shells, unless another snail does it for them.

What I mean to explain is, there is no how a snail can eat the algae on it’s own shell, unless another snail does it by climbing over him or her and eating them.

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We all know that algae can come in different colors, and so if it grow on ur apple snail’s shell, the snail will turn to the color of the the algae and so on.

Although this can only happen when there is only one snail in the tank, because if they are up to two or more, they will eat the algae even before it develops.

So try adding another apple snail or mystery snail to your snail if it automatically change color overnight, and see if the other snails will clean the snail back to it’s normal color.

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High co2 level could contribute to this.

If your apple Snail or any other specie start turning white, or should I say ” albino” then there is high level of carbonic acid and potassium.

This is the reason some snails are white, which might not be their natural colors.

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Maybe you need to check your carbon and potassium level when you start noticing whitish colors on your snail.

Another causes of change of colors by apple snails is diet.

This might happen, but may not be that noticeable anyway!.

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In some cases, some snails might be able to alter the color of their shell, due to diet intake.

Although the color might not necessarily change entirely, but you might start noticing tiny dots on the snail’s shell, which might be different from it’s main or natural color.

So if your snail start changing colors, these are the possible causes, and they’re not natural.

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Why is my Apple Snail Going White?

Like I explained above, apple snail’s could sometimes alter their original or natural colors due to high amount of carbon acid and potassium, possibly around their environment.

If you have noticed a totally white or albino apple snail, then have it in mind that, that color might not be the natural color, but was gotten because of high level of potassium and carbon acid.

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So these elements could go a long way to alter your snail’s color if unchecked.

Do Apple Snails Change Shells?

You might be wondering, maybe apple snails and other species of snail do change their body, ( maybe like crayfish) that may be why their shell could change colors (lol).

Apple snails don’t change shells, they expand it as they grow. This is to make the shell contain the snail’s growing body. They do this by adding new parts at the shell opening.

They can’t in anyway change shell. I mean, have you ever seen an empty snail shell in your tank before, while the snail that owns the shell is still alive and with another shell? Doesn’t make sense.

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The only way that could happen is if the snail is dead, but apart from that, snails don’t change shells, not even apple snails or any type of snail.


Apple snails neither change colors nor shells.

It’s not just possible, So they can’t!.