Do Royal Grammas Jump?

do Royal Grammas jump?

One of the things that frustrate many fish keepers, especially newbies is getting a fish that has a high potential to jump and escape the tank and die. I have read many questions from people on social media and forums asking if Royal Grammas could jump or not. Royal Gramma is a very beautiful and colorful fish. They live in the ocean because they are saltwater fish and they love reefs too. If you want to know if these fish could jump, then read this article to the end.

Do Royal Grammas jump? All fish are jumpers including Royal Grammas. They will jump if they have the need to jump.

Royal Grammas are very calm and Peaceful fish that loves to hide all the time and that’s why many people refer to them as shy fish.

Many people do argue that these fish are not jumpers and can’t jump nor escape from their tanks because they are too calm and shy.

Well, the truth is that Royal Grammas are jumping fish despite being very calm and less active, they can jump when they see the opportunity and also when they see the need to jump, that’s why it is recommended to buy a tank lid and cover their tanks to keep them safe or you might be shocked one day.

Although they don’t usually do this because they hide a lot and are less active, especially when they are with other fish, but they could anyway and when they do, there is a reason for that.

Some of the reasons why they could jump are when they are not comfortable in their environment and when there is aggression going on in their tanks or you mistakenly left your tank without a lid and the water is almost at the top of the tank.

These are the common reasons why they may want to jump, but many times they will jump out of curiosity, etc.

To prevent them from doing this, the most important thing to do is to get a tank lid like I suggested above and cover their tank very well, and also put in place the necessary things they require such as rocks, caves, plants, heater, and filter so that they will be comfortable and healthy.

Are Royal Gramma Fish Jumpers?

Yes, they are jumpers but they rarely jump unless they have a reason to jump and they could jump up to 12 inches in height when they jump.

Despite being small in size, they are jumping fish and have a high potential to jump very high when it is necessary.

They can jump but they prefer staying hidden in their rocks.

Do Basslets Jump?

All fish could jump including Basslets. They have medium chances of jumping, but they can only jump when they see the need.

Basslets are jumping fish just like other fish and they often do it when they are threatened in their environment or when they feel like jumping, maybe out of curiosity, etc.


All fish could jump including Royal Gramma fish, so take precautions to avoid losing your precious fish.