Tank Sizes For Different Numbers Of Pearl Gourami Fish

Tank Sizes For Different Numbers Of Pearl Gourami

If you want a beautiful and entertaining fish for your tank, then go for Pearl Gourami. They are freshwater fish that are active, although sometimes shy and they are very entertaining based on how they relate with themselves and their beauty etc. They are omnivores and could be classified as semi-aggressive fish, although many people classify them as non-aggressive, depending on their fish particular behavior. Some can grow up to 5 inches in size and some can grow above that, depending on their environment. In this article, we will enlighten you more on suitable tank sizes for this particular fish.

How many Pearl Gouramis in a 40 gallon tank? Generally, the minimum suitable tank size per Pearl Gourami is 20 gallons. A 40 gallon tank should comfortably contain 2-3 Pearl Gouramis.

There are many species of Gourami, some are dwarf and some could grow quite large.

So don’t be confused when some articles online mention 6 gallons per Gourami, they are definitely talking about the dwarf species because there is no how you can keep a fish that’s more than 5 inches in a 6 gallon.

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So generally, 20 gallons is the minimum tank size for this type of fish, for it to live very comfortably and if you want to keep more, then you will have to expand the tank size by getting more bigger tank.

So actually, a 40 gallon tank could contain only 2 large pearls or 3 medium-sized pearls.

So if you have a 40 gallon or you budget to buy one, then know that you can only be able to keep 2 Pearl Gouramis in it and nothing more, unless some tiny animals like a few snails, etc.

This is because the fish will need enough space that will contain them and both their tank requirements like plants, caves substrates, etc because they love those things.

How Many Pearl Gourami In 55-60 Gallon Tank?

55 or 60-gallon tanks are cool because they will be able to contain a group of this fish. The fact is that Pearl Gouramis loves to live in groups and doesn’t like being alone as such. So if you want to have a group of them, then you need these sizes of tanks to contain them.

How many Pearl Gourami in a 55 or 60 gallon tank? A 55 or 60 gallon tank should be able to comfortably contain 3 Pearl Gouramis.

3 of these fish being together are sometimes considered a group because they love being in 2s and 3s in a tank.

Although if they are more, they might form a group with many numbers.

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So keeping about 3 of them is cool, as they will be quite entertaining and fun to watch.

The males are semi-aggressive and semi territorial, while the females are cool and somewhat shy, especially around other different fish.

So when keeping them, keep them at the ratio of 2 females and 1 male, so that they won’t be too territorial, because if more males are in the tank, then they will possibly take on any fish you might add to them later.

So on a normal calculation, a 55 or 60 gallon could contain 3 Pearl Gouramis, making room for things like caves, plants, etc.

How Many Pearl Gourami In 30 Gallon Tank?

A 30 gallon is although small, but you can still house this fish in it. So if you have this type of tank and you are interested in keeping Pearl gourami, then here is what it could contain.

How many Pearl Gourami in 30 gallon tank? A 30 gallon tank will comfortably contain an adult Pearl Gourami and 2 dwarf Gouramis or other suitable smaller aquarium animals.

So as you can see, 30 gallons is still useful for you to start your aquarium journey with this type of fish.

Again you can keep up to 3 juvenile Pearl gouramis in this type of tank and later upgrade as they grow.

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So still useful, unless you want to keep more than 1 adult Pearl Gourami.

How Many Pearl Gouramis In A 20 Gallon Tank?

20-gallon tank is the medium tank size for full-grown Pearl gourami.

So if you happen to have it or you just want to keep only one of these fish, then a 20 gallon is the right tank size to get.

Apart from Pearl Gourami, a 20 gallon could harbor up to 3-4 dwarf Gouramis or some other smaller water animals like Snails, crustaceans, etc.

So this type of tank is still very useful for fish keeping, although it’s small for bigger fish and other animals anyway.

How Many Pearl Gouramis In A 10 Gallon Tank?

10 gallons is very small for keeping many aquarium animals, in fact, it’s mainly for starters who want to raise their baby aquarium animals to upgrade when they start growing. So if you have a 10 gallon or are hoping to use it to house a pearl gourami, then it won’t work.

A 10-gallon tank can’t contain full-grown Pearl gourami.

It can slightly contain 2 baby Pearl gouramis or slightly 2 dwarf Gouramis.

Anything else is not recommended unless tiny animals like snails etc.

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In fact, we don’t even recommend using such a tiny tank to raise a baby Pearl gourami, even to talk of keeping 2 of them, so literally, you can’t keep any Pearl Gourami in such a tank.

How Many Pearl Gouramis In A 75 Gallon Tank?

A 75-gallon tank is a kind of tank to keep some of this fish, that’s if you love keeping them more than 2 or 3 because one thing about them is the more number you keep, the more fun and entertaining they will become. So if you could afford a 75 gallon, then here are the number of pearls you could keep in it.

How many pearl gouramis in a 75 gallon tank? A 75 gallon tank will comfortably contain 3-4 full-grown Pearl gouramis.

As we explained before, pearl gouramis are cool and they can tolerate themselves, for the fact they are added at the same time.

So because of this, you can keep as many of them as you want in the same tank or pond, for the fact that there is enough room that will contain every one of them.

So with a 75 or 80 gallon, you can comfortably keep 4 of this fish.


Pet storekeepers can say a lot of things so don’t listen to all you hear from them, pearls don’t need 6 gallons because they’re far bigger than that, they need 20 gallons each.

So try and keep your pets comfortable because they are your friends.