Why Is My Snail Blowing Bubbles?

Why Is My Snail Blowing Bubbles

Aquarium snails have many interesting characters that may get you confused, and maybe start thinking if everything is alright with them or not.

One of the most interesting behaviors of snails is blowing bubbles.

Seeing them do that can be very interesting and entertaining too, but if you haven’t seen that before, you may be wondering what they are doing and why. In this article, you will learn exactly why aquarium snails may sometimes produce bubbles.

Why are Snails blowing bubbles? Aquarium snails could blow bubbles to expel air from their lungs.

There are many types of water snails, some are freshwater dwellers, some are brackish and some could dwell on both water types.

Why Is My Snail Blowing Bubbles

Although they are different, one thing they have in common is, that they live on water and could breathe on water too, making them fully aquatic.

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Some marine snails make use of gills while many make use of lungs for breathing, and so, can breath air which they sometimes trap in their shell in order to help them float.

Their breathing system is located in a small cavity between their shells and their bodies. Air goes into this cavity through a small opening or pore on the side of the snail’s body,

Sometimes you could see your Aquarium snails float to the surface of the water because they make use of air to do that.

So, after trapping the air to breathe and float, they need to expel it because it can’t stay forever in their body, so that’s why they make bubbles.

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Aquarium snails blow bubbles simply because they are expelling the air trapped in their body.

So, you have absolutely nothing to worry about that, as it’s very normal.

Land snails could make bubbles too or foam, as you may call in too in order to protect themselves against attacks from tiny animals such as insects.

Do Snails Make Bubble Nests?

Snails don’t make bubble nests, they only trap air in order to float and transport themselves which they later expel as bubbles.

There are some aquatic animals that could make bubble nests to keep their eggs etc, but snails are not one of them.


Aquarium snails only make bubbles to expel air and land snails do it as a defensive technique.