7 Reasons Nerite Snail Flip Themselves Over (Can Nerite Snails Flip Themselves Over?)

You bought a Nerite snail or Nerite snails, as the case may be and you keep them in your aquarium, happy that you finally have an aquarium of your own. But something happened. You’re now confused and afraid that something has happened to your snails because you found them flipp themselves upside down, then you corrected them and they still flipped themselves again. If you have encountered the above, then you might be wondering why. Well this article is for you.

Can Nerite Snails flip themselves over? Yes, Nerite snails can flip themselves over When they’re weak, when the water is not suitable for them, and when they lose balance while climbing.

There are many reasons Nerite snails could flip themselves over.

Will get there in a minute.

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Apart from Nerite snails, other species of aquarium snails does this, some commonly do it in many occasions, while some do it out of some circumstances which I will explain later on.

Nerite Snails are very active in tanks and does not normally flip themselves, unless there are some causes or reasons for that which could be.

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Why Nerite Snails Flip themselves over

There are some reasons why this specie of snail and other species do flip themselves over.

Some of the reasons why Nerite snails might flip themselves over are:

They are Dead: This is the worst thing an aquarium lover would want to hear. Well, it’s just the fact.

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Nerite and other aquarium snails are known to flip themselves upside down when they die or dying.

This is because when they die, the shells will lack the stamina to stay upright like before when it was alive.

That’s why dead aquarium snails normally stay upside down when they do.

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Checking if it is alive or dead is the first thing aquarium owners usually do when their snails misbehave, like flipping over, etc, because it is very common among aquarists to determine if the snail is dead before checking anyother thing.

They will do this by lifting the snail and smelling it, if it smells then it is probably dead and should be removed.

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They have Unsuitable Tank Mate: One of the reasons why your Nerite snail or Snails as the case may be are flipping over, especially doing it continuously even after you correct them may be because they have aggressive tank mates like fish, etc.

One thing I always advise prospective aquarists is to always make research about the animals they want to have and know everything about them, including their natural tank mates.

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There is every possibility that their aggressive tank mates are the ones responsible for this.

If you try putting aquarium animals that are not suitable for your Nerite snails, they will end up trying to eat them and even frustrating/ stressing your snails.

Your snail may be flipping over or upside down, because it’s tank mate is the one knocking him over while trying to eat him etc.

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They might might have lost balance while climbing: Nerite snails are popular for their climbing ability and algae eating.

They normally climb in order to get algae to eat.

There is every chance that your snail might have lost balance while climbing the walls of the aquarium and flipped over.

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Although Snails don’t usually slip or fall that easily, unless they are weak, hungry, or sick.

So if your Nerite fall while climbing, it might be a sign that all is not that okay.

So when you noticed that your Snails flipped over, you might want to check if they actually fall from trying to climb over the tank wall.

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Lack of proper Foods: Do you know that your Nerite Snail may have flipped over because it is weak from lack of good foods?.

Also do you know that foods do give animals strength as it gives human beings, so if your snail or snails are flipping over, especially when trying to climb, kindly check the type of foods you give them and try giving them balanced diets.

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Sickness/Weakness: When snails get sick, they tend to get very weak and inactive.

At that stage, they won’t be able to do anything, not even climbing.

So your snail might have fall while trying to climb, flipped over and unable to go back to it’s normal position nor stand again because it’s weak, emanating from being sick.

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If you notice they are inactive or dull and later flip over, then they might be sick.

I think your vet might be contacted when they are sick.

Unsuitable Water Condition: Sometimes wrong water parameters could cause this. when the pH, temperature and water hardness are not suitable for them, this normally lead to stress and strength reduction and could cause them flipping over.

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Nothing stresses and shortens snails life than wrong water parameters, because they don’t like getting stressed.

Also you might need to check the level of chlorine, ammonia, copper and nitrite in the water too, as they are bad for your Nerite Snails health.

They may be Sleeping: Although this might sound strange, but snails do sleep anyhow they want and like, especially when they have nothing to disturb them in the tank.

You might sometimes find your Nerite hanging on something while upside down etc, just because it is sleeping.

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Their sleeping time might last for a long time (3 days) and will eventually wake up and stay upright.

If you notice your snail is at this position because it’s sleeping, it’s better to let it be.

You snails are floating: I know this is uncommon to see, but many species of snails which Nerite is among sometimes do it.

A snail will float upside down in a tank or in the wild just because it want to.

They do this by trapping some air inside their shells, which in turn makes them lighter than they are before.

Wild snails use this method to travel far with the help of water current, so you might find your Nerite exhibit this at some point.

Apart from trying to travel, they do this if the water parameter is not very suitable for them.

So you might want to check their water if you notice this.

How to Treat Nerite Snails That Flip Themselves

This article will not be complete without how to treat them when they behave this way.

To treat them, there are some things you need to do, such as:

Adjusting the water: This is an effective way to treat and correct them, that’s if the cause is from wrong water parameters.

Change the water and always monitor your water parameters and try to act accordingly when you notice any changes.

Do not assist them when they flip: You might be surprised, but it’s a way to correct them.

The thing is, they will get lazy and dull and won’t stand upright themselves if you keep doing it for them, so avoid it, and they will learn to stand up themselves.

But if after a day they are not up, then you can help, but not frequently.

Feed them properly: Food is strength, so always feed them balanced diets or nutritional foods, so that they can be healthy and will not always be lacking strength.

Avoid Unsuitable Tank Mates: Always research very well before you get your pet tank mates.

Because getting unsuitable tank mates will only stress them and might even lead to death.

Get a vet/Specialist: Like I said, if you notice your snail pet is sick, just have a date with your vet, and have him do his work.


These are some of the reasons why your Nerite Snails are flipping themselves over.

Like I always advise, if things get complicated, get a vet/specialist.

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