Can African Bullfrogs Eat Hornets?

Can Bullfrogs Eat Hornets?

Can African Bullfrogs and other Bullfrogs eat hornets?

I have read this question on a forum and saw how perplexed people are about the possibility of frogs, especially Bullfrogs eating hornets without being stung by it.

The fact is, Bullfrogs can eat hornets and many other flies and insects they could grab without minding if they sting or not.

The truth is that Bullfrogs are being stung by hornets, especially in their mouth and tongue when they are about to eat hornets or are struggling to eat them.

Although they are normally being stung and they also feel the pain, but the pain is minimal and does not stop them from either eating them or stopping them not to hunt for more hornets in the future.

So, frogs do eat hornets, especially African Bullfrogs and other Bullfrogs too.


Although frogs and other animals could eat hornets, they are not immune to their sting.