Why Is My Pacman Frog So Active?

Why Is My Pacman Frog So Active

Pacman frogs are regarded as dull frogs that are not usually active, at least the way we might want them to be, but sometimes many people do complain that their Pacman frogs are being very active. Well, this is strange to them, knowing that this type of frog sits in one place all day and does nothing unless they see food. If you want to know why your Pacman frog is very active, then read this article to the end.

Why is my Pacman frog so active? Pacman frogs are dull and inactive frogs, but they could only become active when they are introduced to a new environment.

I have heard many people say that their Pacman frog is very active unlike them, and if I ask them when they had the frog, their answer is always they bought the frog new.

One thing that’s with these frogs is that they just love to explore a new environment, and after that, they go back to their normal behavior which is being less active or dull.

So, if your Pacman is very active, it could only mean one thing, you just got the frog new and it is being active because it is going about exploring its new environment.

This happens so often when you keep this type of frog in a big tank that is well-planted and has hiding places such as caves and substrates.

They tend to swim all over the tank exploring and finding any place or particular spot that is good enough for them to be staying.

So, if your Pacman frog is so active, it’s just because it is in a new environment and wants to explore.

Leave them, and they will become their normal selves after a while.


Pacman frogs are not active frogs so, they are only active because they are in a new environment and will become their normal selves when they must have mastered the new tank or environment.