Can Hermit Crabs Live With Clownfish?

Can Hermit Crabs Live With clownfish?

You will agree with me that almost everybody that have fish tank has once thought about getting tank mates for their fish pets. If you’re reading this article, it mean this applies to you too. So do you have a clownfish? are you thinking of any suitable tank mate to get for them? Let me suggest something. Why not try hermit crabs?. Now your question will be, will clownfish live with hermit crab? Don’t worry, you will learn everything you need about the two animal’s cohabitation.

Can hermit crab live with clownfish? Yes, hermit crab and clownfish can tolerate each other and they can also live in the same water parameters.

If you’re looking for a good tank mate for your hermit crab or your clownfish, then you found one.

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These two animals although might have different behaviors etc, but they don’t disturb each other, as they seems to stay away from each other’s way.

The fact is, keeping a hermit crab in a clownfish tank is very helpful, as it can save you some stress of cleaning your fish tank always.

Because the crabs, just like snails do eat algae in fish tanks, and they do contribute to eating some left over fish foods at the bottom of the tanks, thereby preventing the water from getting unnecessary hardiness and dirty etc.

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Also for some people, including me, don’t feel entirely satisfied having only one fish in the tank, all lonely and bored.

Well, it’s not very cool. The fact is, having other creatures that are suitable for your fish could be very cool, exciting and also beautiful to look at.

Why hermit crab and clownfish make good tank mates.

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You might be wondering why these two creatures could make good tank mates? well, some of them are:

Clownfish is fast: We all know that crabs are clumsy, especially hermit crabs, they will try to pinch any tank mate they have with their claws, that’s why they can’t be kept with so many aquatic animals.

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But when it comes to clownfish, they seems to live comfortably, probably because the fish is fast and the crab is slow, and so could not possibly get to the fish, even if it want to.

Even when clownfish sleeps, hermit crab don’t seems to care about them anyway.

They don’t bother nor try to each each other: This is what made them good neighbors.

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neither the hermit crab nor the clownfish seems to take much notice of each other when they share a tank.

Normally, hermit Crabs are social animals and would love to pinch any thing they see with their claws, but they don’t disturb clownfish when they share tanks together, neither will the fish try to disturb or stress the crab.

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Will Clownfish Eat Crabs?

As you have learned above, hermit crabs and clownfish are suitable tank mates due to the fact that they can hardly harm each other. So can clownfish eat crabs? maybe some other types of crab.

Will Clownfish eat crabs? No, clownfish don’t harm crabs and neither do they eat them.

Although they don’t harm crabs, neither do crabs harm them, but there could be complications, especially when the crabs lay eggs or when the eggs hatch.

They may prey on the eggs and small crabs.

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We all know that fish of any kind have one character in common. They can eat what ever enters or fit their mouth.

So if crabs lay eggs, there is every possibility that they may eat some of them.

But apart from this, they have no other problem because clownfish don’t care about grown up crabs.


Clownfish could live together with many crabs, including hermit crab without any troubles.