Can Turtle live with African Clawed Frog (Can turtles live with frogs)

Can Turtle live with African Clawed Frog (Can turtles live with frogs)

Both frogs and turtles are nice pets to keep in a tank, especially in a glass tank where you will be monitoring their activities etc. It is a magnificent sight to keep any of these animals in a transparent tank. But have you thought about how splendid it would be to keep both frogs, especially African clawed frogs and turtles in a tank? I think it would be awesome, but the problem is ” can they coexist in a tank? We will find out in this article if it’s possible to keep any type of frog and turtle together in a tank.

Can African clawed frogs live with turtles? No, frogs are one of turtle’s most loved diets. Turtles will eat African clawed frogs if they have the chance.

African clawed frogs are one of the smallest species of frogs.

They don’t grow bigger than 4 inches.

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So they’re only bigger than the African dwarf frogs.

Turtles are known to eat frogs, especially the ones they are far bigger than, which can fit their mouth.

One of the reasons I decided to put this article together after a thorough research coupled with experience is because nowadays, many pet shop keepers can say many things and could also keep many animals together, which if you do the same might be a disaster.

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So African clawed frogs can’t live with turtles even if the turtles have the same temperature and water pH with this type of frog which is 68-78°F and pH 6.8-7.5.

Although they can live together in only one condition, that’s if the turtles are still juvenile and are smaller than this type of frogs.

But once they’re bigger, then the frogs are at risk of being eaten by the turtles.

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Again turtles are far faster than frogs when it comes to swimming, so your frog have no where to run if placed together with turtles.

So African clawed frogs can’t live with turtles in the same tank.

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But can live with them on land because they’re faster than turtles on land, and so, turtles won’t get to them on land.

What Can I Put With African Clawed Frogs?

I understand you don’t want you African clawed frogs to be lonely, so if you’re looking for what to keep with them, here they’re.

What can I put with African clawed frogs? Small and non aggressive fish, non aggressive and non poisonous frogs, caves, stones, plants etc could be in their tank.

In all my articles, I always advice on making research before keeping you pets with anything because it could be catastrophic if wrong mates or things are in their tank.

Can African Clawed Frogs Eat Turtle’s Pellets?

You might also want to know if African clawed frogs could eat Turtle’s foods.

Can African Clawed Frogs Eat Turtles Pellets? Even if they could eat turtle’s pellets, that’s not the best food for them. They eat foods like bloodworms, earthworms, crickets, guppies.

If at all it’s possible for full grown turtles to coexist with African Clawed Frogs, I still don’t think eating Turtle’s food is best for them.

Can African Dwarf Frogs Live With Turtles?

Talking about the kind of frogs that could be able to live and cohabitate with turtles successful without any problem. Can African dwarf frogs and turtles do that?

Can African dwarf frogs live with turtles? No, turtles are frog eaters and would eat them.

Do you know that turtles although are very slow on land, infact they’re the slowest animals on land apart from snails.

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But do you know they’re not slow in anyway on water? Yes because of this, trying to keep any type of frog, including African dwarf frogs together in a tank is like inviting the turtles for a meal.

Although they might not seem to care nor disturb the frogs when they’re still tender, but all the same, it’s very risky to put them together in one tank.

Again the frog might have some diseases which they could release in the water through defecation etc, which could affect the turtles.

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But when it comes to staying on land,can then they live together? Yes they can without any trouble.

Can Bullfrogs And Turtles Live Together?

Bullfrogs and horned frog popularly known as the pacman frog are the biggest species of frogs anywhere. Can they share a tank with turtles?

Can Bullfrogs live with Turtles? No, it’s very dangerous to keep them together because the frog will swallow baby and tiny turtles, while adult turtles can harm the bullfrogs.

This particular specie of frog could grow up to 10-12 inches, making them one of the biggest frogs in the planet.

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If their temperature and water pH could match with that of the turtle, then I did say they could cohabit when both of these creatures are still small.

But when any of them is a grown-up, keeping them with each other is not advisable, as it’s very risky.

Frogs are known to swallow any thing that could fit their mouth, and being a big frog makes tiny turtles their prey because they can easily swallow them.

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Also keeping adult turtles with bullfrogs is also dangerous because the turtles will get them and harm them.

They will kill and eat Bullfrogs easily if they’re many in the tank.

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So bullfrogs and turtles are not good tank mates, unless both of them are still at their infant stage.

Can Bullfrogs Eat Turtles?

Judging by the size of Bullfrogs, you might be wondering if they could eat turtles when put together with them.

Can Bullfrogs Eat Turtles? Yes, adult bullfrogs can swallow a baby turtle.

Being very big, and could eat anything that enters their mouth, Bullfrogs can easily swallow a baby turtle.

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But they can’t harm an adult turtle, instead, reverse will be the case.

So bullfrogs and turtles are not good tank mates in anyway.

But when it comes to staying on land, then they could successfully cohabitate, as turtles are way more slow than frogs on land.

Can Dart Frogs Live With Turtles?

Dart frogs are one of the smallest species of frogs, as most of them could only reach up to 2.5 inches in size. So can they live with turtles?

Can dart frogs live with turtles? Dart Frogs are poisonous and would kill anything they stay with, including turtle and other species of frogs.

Dart Frogs, popularly known as the poisonous dart or poisonous frog is very poisonous as their name says.

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Although they’re small, but are the most dangerous animals you would want to keep with your pet turtles, fish etc.

Although the turtle could be able to kill and eat them, but that’s not the issue, the issue is, can your turtle survive?

Even if they could live together in the same water parameters, type and pH, the frogs will kill the turtles with the poison they release from their body, poops and urines.

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Although it’s popularly believed that this specie of frogs get their poison from. eating various foods in the wild.

So dart frogs in captivity might not be poisonous.

But if you ask me, I won’t recommend having them with frogs. Because you never can tell.

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I can only advise having them together on land, but can’t advise the same on water.

So poisonous dart frogs and turtles can’t share a tank if you ask me.

Can Horned Frogs (Pacman) Live With Turtles?

This specie of frogs and the bullfrogs are the largest frogs. They can reach up to 12 inches when they grow. But can Pacman share a tank with turtles?

Can Horned Frogs live turtles? Despite their big size, turtles could still harm them. So it’s risky to keep them with turtles.

The fact is turtles are omnivores, so as frogs, including pacman.

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So both of them are scavengers and could kill and eat anything they could.

So keeping them together does not make any sense, as the turtles are very likely to eat the Pacman, especially if there are more than one turtle in the tank.

Can Horned Frogs (Pacman) Eat Turtles?

Judging by how big this specie of frog could get, you might be wondering if they could possibly pose any threat to turtles.

Can Horned Frogs eat Turtles? Adult Horned Frogs or pacman could eat baby turtles by swallowing them.

Frogs are omnivores, so they could eat anything that fits in their mouth, including infant turtles.

Can Red-Eyed Tree Frogs Live With Turtles?

Red eyed frogs are specie of frogs that love to climb on trees, that’s how they got their names. Can they be able to live with turtles?

Can Red-Eyed tree frogs live with turtles? Red-eyed frogs and turtles do not live in the same habitat. Turtles live in water, while they live on trees.

This specie of frog can not live with turtles because they spend most of their time on trees and climbing, but turtles spend their time on water.

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Even if they could live together, turtles will definitely feed on them.

That’s if they can get the frogs.

If you ask me if they could live in the same environment on land, I would say yes, but on water, I don’t think so.

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Even if you have this type of frogs on water, you must put in place plants that they could be able to climb on and stay.

So the chance of turtles living with this type of frog is very slim.

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Even if they could, the frog will stay most if it’s live on aquarium plants and on floating leaves, but the turtles could get them eventually.

Can Gray Tree Frogs Live With Turtles?

Gray tree frogs just like Red-Eyed tree frogs are arboreal. So can they stay with turtles?

Can Gray tree frogs live with turtles? Turtles are water dwellers, while gray tree frogs are tree dwellers, so there is no how they can live together.

Literally, there is no how a tree dwelling animal like the gray tree frogs could be able to live with a water dwelling animals like the turtle.

Even if you keep them together in a tank, the frog will die before you realize because first, the environment is not very suitable for them, and second, the turtles being good hunters will eat them.

So no matter how you look at it, they can’t coexist in water!.

But they can live together on land in the same environment.

But the turtles will be in water, while the gray tree frogs will be on plants and trees.

With this, one can hardly get to the other.

So they can successfully live together in the same environment on land.

Can Tomato Frog Live With Turtles?

Tomato frogs are very cute frogs that normally have ripe tomato color. They’re very cute as pet, but can they live with turtles?

Can Tomato Frog live with Turtles? No, turtles are scavengers and will kill and eat tomato frogs if they live together.

Although all frogs are scavengers too, but turtles are way bigger and faster than them in water and could easily catch and eat them.

Tomato frogs are not as big as either the pacman nor the bullfrog, so they could be easily taken down by an average sized turtle.

If you ask me if they could stay with baby turtles, then yes.

But once the turtles start getting bigger than them, then it would be very wise to remove the frog from the tank or remove the turtle because one day, it will learn to eat them.

Once it learns that, then you tomato frogs are in trouble because you will find them missing one-day or one after the other.

If they can’t live on water, can they live on land? Yes, they will live comfortably on land because the frog is way faster than turtles on land.

Can Australian Green Tree Frog Live With Turtles?

Australia Green tree frogs, just as the name says are frogs that dwells more on trees. The question is, can they live with turtles?

Can Australian Green tree frog live with turtles? No, they can’t stay with turtles on water because they dwells on trees. But they can stay with turtles on land.

Just like other tree frogs, The Australian Green tree frogs lives all their life jumping from one tree to another.

Even if they could stay on water, they still need trees in order to be happy and healthy.

So putting them in the same tank with turtles won’t work because they can’t survive much on water without trees.

Even if they can survive on water without trees, then turtles could eat them.

All frogs are meal to turtles, including this specie of frog.

Just like other frogs, they can stay with them in the same environment, but the turtles will definitely be in water, while the Australian Green tree frogs will definitely be on tree.

Do Turtles Eat Frogs?

Having known that turtles can’t live with frogs, or they are not suitable tank mates for frogs, you might want to know if different species of turtle would etc frog.

Do turtles eat frog? Yes, turtles are omnivores and could eat frogs, plants and other small animals.

Like I explained earlier, both turtles and frogs are omnivores.
So they could eat both plants and animals.

But turtles could eat frogs because they are bigger and stronger than frogs.

On the other hand, big frogs could only harm baby turtles.

In this article, we will learn about different species of turtles and if they can eat frogs.

Can Box Turtles Eat Frogs?

Box turtles are more of terrestrial turtles and are very slow on land. The question is, can they eat frogs?

Can Box Turtles eat frogs? Yes, they can eat frogs if they could be able to catch them on land, as they’re not good at swimming.
So they can’t catch frogs on water.

As we all know, turtles are very slow on land, and could not possible catch any animal that is faster than them, unless the animal is sick or a baby.

So the possiblity of box turtles catching frogs on both land and on water is very slim, unless the frog was caught unawares or sick.

So they do eat frogs if they could catch them.

Do Red-Eared Slider Turtles Eat Frogs?

This turtles could get to 12 inches in about 8 year and they’re carnivores.

Do Red-Eared Slider Turtles eat Frogs? Yes, they’re carnivores and would eat any animal they can, including frogs.

I have heard many aquarists say ‘ they have red earned sliders in the same tank with frogs.

Well, all I can say is ‘ the frogs are potential meat to the turtle.

They will definitely eat any frog they come in contact with.

The fact is, this specie of turtle will not care about the frogs when they’re still tender, but as time goes, they will start hunting them.

So keeping them with frogs is dangerous, unless you want to feed them with frogs.

Do Snapping Turtles Eat Frogs?

Snapping Turtles are carnivores, and they dwells on water and slightly on land too.

Do Snapping Turtles eat Frogs? Yes, snapping turtles are carnivores and will eat frogs if they can catch them.

To make matters complicated, this type of turtles has the ability to jump high and grab anything they could see on the water surface.

So even if the frog is on a floating leave or wood, they can still get and eat them.

So they’re good hunters and will definitely eat any frog that gets in their way.

Do Musk Turtles Eat Frogs?

Although musk turtles are not that big when still growing and might seem harmless to frogs, especially big frog. But can they eat frogs?

Do Musk Turtles eat Frogs? Yes, Adult musk turtle will eat any frog it can catch, especially smaller frogs.

Although bigger frogs might be hard for a single musk to take down, but it may definitely take it down.

But when they’re more than one, they could easily kill and eat any frog they see, despite the frog’s size.

So Musk Turtles do eat frogs if they have the opportunity to.

Do Painted Turtles Eat Frogs?

Painted Turtles are average sized turtles that can grow up to 7 inches. They’re water turtles.

Do Painted Turtles eat Frogs? Yes, they’re omnivores, territorial and also are fast in water. So they can easily catch and eat any frog they could see.

They have light shell, which makes them very fast and agile in water.

Judging from how fast and agile they are, no frog can escape or outrun them in water.

But on land, they can’t catch frogs even to talk of eating them.


Turtles and frogs are not in anyway suitable to live together. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise or you will only end up putting the lives of both you turtles and frogs at risk.